Tis The Commercial Season

It’s that time of year again where all the commercials on television feature customized lyrics set to bad Christmas songs.

I live my life by my own moral code; I don’t let societal expectations dictate how I live or what I do.  Just tonight on my way home, it was reinforced just how little I care about what others think.

So when it comes to the whole Naughty vs Nice thing for Christmas, I never really got it.  Until this year when I saw a few holiday car commercials that clarified the issue for me (and I use Naughty and Nice below in the conventional sense, where Nice is rewarded and Naughty means punishment).



Well, I’m sure you get the idea. There’s no shortage of punishment in this arena. But what if you’re so irretrievably naughty there’s no hope for you? Well, this:

So now I’ve got it sorted, I think.

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My Daughter’s Art

My daughter has some of her art displayed at our local library. I’m proud of her. She’s involved in the art club at her school, which means another early morning for her (and Wendi).  The kiddo doesn’t seem to mind it…  But I’m not so sure about Wendi, on the other hand.

My kiddo’s always been artistic.  I’ve bought her no end of sketch books, crayons, and colored pencils over the years.  She likes to draw fashion and she’s asked for more than a few designer kits and stencils.  She has stencils and things to make textures on the clothes she designs.

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see her art on display at the library so on Sunday, we went up to the library to see it:


I thought she drew a picture featuring Pacman. She told me it was a horse carriage.



They were studying color wheels.



The angle was a little difficult for good photos.

There were some really interesting ones from the 6th grade classes too; I can’t imagine what she’ll manage to come up with next year.  We’ve continually been impressed with her school and the staff.

And, of course, since I’m proud of my kiddo… Did I mention my daughter’s art is on display in the local library?


One Awesome Sunset

I was looking through my back catalog of photos that I haven’t yet shared here on my blog. I haven’t been out with my camera in a bit and I’m writing blog posts well in advance now, so I was looking for something amazing to share with you.

I took these photos from the east side of Colorado Springs. I didn’t think these turned out very well at the time; I’ve never been fully satisfied with my phone photos. Even the ones I like enough to share here, I feel could be better if they weren’t such wide angles.

But this is one amazing, stunning sunset.

 photo WP_000100_zps8393ca86.jpg

 photo WP_000101_zpse5894fad.jpg

Mehr In Deutsch

Gestern habe ich über das Schreiben in Deutsch geschrieben. Gestern Abend spontan, habe ich auf Kindle ein paar Bücher in Deutsch gefunden. Ich habe das Buch, über die Löwen von Tsavo ich wolle gelesen gefunden auch. (Ich denke das Satz ist nicht gut).

Die Löwen von Tsavo habt die Belegschaft terrorisiert und habt viele von sie getötet. Der Spielfilm Der Geist und die Dunkelheit stützt das Buch. Dies Buch habe ich nicht in Deutsch gefunden. Aber habe ich ein paar andere in Deutsch gefunden. Ich werde diese Bücher für Praxis lesen.

In der gestrigen Kolumne schreib ich, dass in Deutsch zu schreiben schwer ist. Ich habe am besten Freunde mir helfend. Die kommentare von meinem Blogger Freunde waren sehr unterstützend, und ich goutiere. Diese Spalte dauerte nicht so lange zu schreiben. Das scheint gut zu sein.

Ein paar Bücher in Deutsch und ein paar gute Freunde… Was mehr brauche ich?

For the English speaking crowds:
Yesterday I wrote about how to write in German. Yesterday evening spontaneously, I found a few books in German on Kindle. I have the book on the Lions of Tsavo I wanted read found also. (I think the sentence is not good).

The Lions of Tsavo terrorized and killed many of the workers. The film The Ghost and The Darkness, is based on the book. I didn’t find this book in German. But I found a few others in German. I’m going to read these books for practice.

In yesterday’s column, I wrote that it is difficult to write in German. I have the best friends helping me. The comments from my blogger friends were very supportive, and I am grateful. This column didn’t take as long to write. That seems to be good.

A couple of books in German and a few good friends… What more do I need?

Itching to Stitch – Part II


My wife is stitching this wedding tapestry and I’m pretty excited about it. She talked about it a lot and then I didn’t hear much for a while (I guess while the wool was being… well, whatever it is when sheep fur becomes wedding tapestry); I thought maybe she’d given up on the whole thing. But I’m excited to see this thing coming along. Watching her work, I’m amazed at her patience.

Originally posted on Beyond Door 44:

WP_20141215_002It took months to locate the materials for our wedding tapestry. During that period between the completion of the final design and the day that my specially ordered wool arrived, it never really occurred to me just how monumental a project this really is. The finished pattern is 239 stitches wide by 310 stitches long. That’s 74, 090 individual stitches, not including the finishing hem and tapestry loops, which I haven’t figured out yet. By my estimation, I’ve completed less than a quarter of that project so far, but I am enjoying every minute and every stitch.

I’m the sort of person who likes to take on large projects. As a kid, I always gravitated to the most complicated jigsaw puzzles with the largest number of pieces. I’ve single-handedly tackled two full house remodels. Well, three actually, but I abandoned the third project when I moved to Denver and married my…

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Ein Lange Deutsche Kolumne

Ich brauche viel Zeit, um eine Kolumne in Deutsch zu schreiben. Die Worte dass ich weiß nicht, ich müsse aufsehen im Wörterbuch. Dann ich müsse zusehen, dass ich folge die Sprachregeln, und ich weiß nicht wenn ich verstehe alle die Sprachregeln. Ich nur lerne in Deutsch zu schreiben, aber ich mag schon in Deutsch schreiben.

Ich mag Sprachen lernen. Ich denke, dass ist warum ich bin gut mit Computersprachen und Programmieren. Auch Programmieren ist eine Fertigkeit ich kann in jeglicher Land benutzen. Meine Frau und ich, nach unser Tochter beendet Schule, wollen auf Deutschland bewegen. Ich möchte meine Programmieren Fertigkeiten benutzen wann wir in Deutschland ankommen.

Ich entgegensehe in Deutschland zu wohnend. Neue Kultur und neuen Traditionen zu lernen; neuen Leute zu kennen. Ich entgegensehe alles meine Blogger Freunde auch zu entsprechen… wenn sie so gewogen sind. Ich goutiere für meine Deutschen Blogger Freunde. Ihr helft mich mit meinem Deutschen Grammatikfehler (Ich bin sicher, es sind vielen). Danke euch für alles.

For my English-speaking readers:
I need lot of time to write a column in German. The words that I know not, I should look up in the dictionary. Then I had to see that I am following the rules, and I don’t know if I understand all the rules. I’m just learning to write in German but I like to write in German anyway.

I like to learn languages. I think that’s why I’m good with computer languages and programming. Also programming is a skill I can use in any country. My wife and I, after our daughter finished school, want to move to Germany. I would like to use my programming skills when we arrive in Germany.

I look forward to living in Germany. New culture and new traditions to learn; to know new people. I look forward to all my blogger friends to meet… If they are so inclined. I am grateful for my German blogger friends. You help me with my German grammar errors (I’m sure there are many). Thank you for everything.

Eine Katze Auf Die Hosen

Rose ist nicht eine Katze in einen Hut, aber eine Katze auf die Hosen anstelle. Und scheint sie sehr unglücklich ohne jeden Grund mit mir zu sein. Ich liebe meine Katze.




Rose isn’t a cat in a hat, but a cat on the pants instead. And she seems without reason very unhappy with me. I love my cat.