Dear Republican Party:

It’s not me, it’s you.  I know you want desperately to think that it’s not you, but it honestly and truly is.  I know we were together for 14 years, but you never cared for me.  You never courted me.  You never respected me, or thanked me.  You ignored me unless it was convenient for you.  Worst of all, you never really represented me.

I see your impassioned pleas on Facebook to stand with you and your National Republican Senatorial Committee.  I wish I could say I felt sorry for you, but you’ve done this to yourself.  I also know that if I do stand with you, as you beg of me, you’ll simply spam my email inbox with your own propaganda and you’ll beg for money.

No.  Your tears aren't going to change the way I feel about you.

No. Your tears aren’t going to change the way I feel about you.


If you knew me at all, you’d know I have no respect for that.  It’s not like you didn’t have a chance.  Fourteen years, remember?

You’ve shown you’re part of the problem and not part of the solution.  You war with Tea Party candidates who have the audacity to believe in the constitution and the rights that are supposedly guaranteed to me by that treasured document.  And while I won’t join the Tea Party any more than I’ll return to your knife-wielding, back-stabbing arms, when you denigrate people who believe as I do about constitutional rights and political policies… well, I can’t help but interpret that as your hatred for me as well.

The status quo has got to go.  You’ve helped defeat yourselves because you’re trying to sell yourself to and through a media that doesn’t even pretend anymore to be unbiased.  And the more you compromise to get good press via the coopted, mainstream, biased, leftist media the further away you are from representing me.  Wake up.  It’s the twenty first century and people like me do not rely on the coopted, mainstream, biased, leftist media for our news because we see the fallacy.  How can you not?

I don’t want to go along to get along and be about the business of government because the business of government is stealing from people who produce (like me) to give it to people who do not (like you).  When it comes to politics, I guess I’m a vegetarian: I don’t want pork in the laws.  You’re all so busy trying to one up each other and bestow benefits to your own constituents that you aren’t even the least bit concerned about representing me.

I want real change in government.  Real change includes a massive reduction of the unelected bureaucracy that feels it is unaccountable to the public.  I want you to actually prosecute those who abuse their positions of authority (such as Lois Lerner) instead of making a show of it.  I want the power of the government returned to its rightful owners, the citizens of this country.  Which reminds me:  The Congress is not royalty and you don’t deserve any respect without earning it, just like everyone else.  I will not respect the offices until there is a reason to do so.  Quit acting as if you, public servants, are entitled to anything.

The government has forgotten that it works for me.  It is not the other way around.

I recently mentioned our breakup in passing.  Now I say directly to you: I will no longer vote for your candidates simply because they’re not Democrats.  I’m done voting against people; I want to, and will, vote for people that will represent me and those whose beliefs most closely align to mine.  This applies to every election, no matter the level of oppressive government.  If you can’t field a candidate for President or dog catcher who has beliefs that align to my own, you won’t get my vote.  I won’t align myself to your positions because, Republicans, you’ve become so moderate that it’s truly difficult for me to see the difference between the Asses and the Elephants.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, Republicans:  this means you.   And no, I won’t pretend any differently, not even for old times’s sake.

The burden of proof is on you.  This probably won’t be the last time I mention reasons why we can no longer associate with each other.  It’s up to you to fix those problems.  But understand, even if you do rectify all of the reasons you’ve become and unsuitable companion, I will likely never fully trust you.  Once bitten twice shy.  As I said: it’s you.  It isn’t me.


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To All The Outrage Industry’s Social Justice Warriors

I see your Social Justice Warrior calling card on the back of your Prius or your Subaru. You plastered the back of your car with bumper stickers making your hypocrisy clear to thinking people.






Oh, I’m sure you believe in Tolerance, but you don’t practice it. Anytime anyone who disagrees with your definition of the term comes along, your spite and anger and hatred come spewing out in a rage and expletive-filled rant deriding those who dare disagree with your feelings.

Never mind your feelings aren’t protected by law and your feelings don’t consist of facts. Nowhere in the constitution does it guarantee the right not to be offended. Never mind the fact that you cannot be offended unless you want to be offended: offense is your reaction to something that someone else does or says – it is entirely within your control.

The Outrage Industry is making a tidy profit on your having poor impulse control, Social Justice Warrior.

You’re an empty soul looking for acceptance and you’ve chosen those talismans as the tenets of your religious faith; those are the building blocks of humanistic atheism you’ve chosen as self-identification, as badges of honor. You hate yourself and in order to feel better about that, you have to drag everyone else down with you; the evidence is plastered all over your ridiculous Save-The-Earth-mobile.

I disagree with your implementation of all of those philosophies you proudly clutch to your chest while you rabidly spew poison and hatred on your quest to bring everyone down to your level. I don’t necessarily disagree with the concept, you’d be surprised to find out if you quit hating me long enough to listen to rational and reasoned thought.

I am among the tolerant. My freedoms are being chipped away by you and your policies and I am not executing you, either literally or metaphorically. I’m coexisting with your self-loathing hatred of me, and I am not suggesting you go kill yourself for your stupid beliefs that I don’t agree with. I don’t oppose the idea of marriage equality, but I don’t appreciate your agenda designed to trivialize my life, beliefs, marriage because you desperately need someone else to validate your lifestyle choices.

You see, I’m a whole person on my own. I am not an empty shell of a soul looking for value among liberal catch phrases or acceptance among people just as empty as I am. There’s room in this whole-person philosophy for differing opinions and different lifestyle choices, because more so than in any Outrage Industry Social Justice Warrior issue of the minute, there is respect.  When you’re a whole person on your own, when you’re not desperately seeking an identity among the trendy so-called issues of the day and when you know what you believe in and why, you aren’t threatened by a different view.

You can't say this.

You can’t say this.

When you really mean this.

When you really mean this.

I don’t agree with your liberal philosophies; but in this whole-person philosophy, there’s the recognition that you’re allowed to think your own thoughts and live your own life.  It doesn’t frighten me that you hold a different viewpoint; what frightens me is that the only way you know to sell your view is at the point of a gun, which is ironic because you’re terrified of them.

You’re only allowed to live your own life.  You’re not allowed to live everyone else’s life for them, though; and since you are incapable of living your own life, as evidenced by your resale-decimating collection of bumper stickers on the back of your pathetic excuse for a car, you most certainly shouldn’t attempt to live anyone else’s life.

Equality either is or is not and under your regime, hollow hypocrite Social Justice Warrior, there’s no room for those who don’t swallow your Kool-Aid without question or hesitation.  Your bumper sticker may as well say Celebrate Hypocrisy.  You would at least get credit for honesty if it did.

You can’t celebrate diversity by enforcing conformity.

You Keep Calm

I am tired of seeing specialized versions of the “Keep Calm” wartime poster stuck on everything.  Modern British society probably doesn’t have all that many people still alive who survived the London Blitz, and fewer still Americans who survived it.  But it sure didn’t take long for modern marketing to bastardize and sell the hell out of the message, once it was discovered.

According to Wikipedia — which I understand is like saying according to this fact I’ve just made up — the Keep Calm poster was never used for its intended purpose of boosting the morale of people whose houses and business and loved ones were getting bombed by the Luftwaffe.

Having the benefit of three quarters of a century of hindsight, I think it’s obvious why they never used it.  Because the British didn’t keep calm and carry onthe British stood up to Hitler and challenged him, held their ground, and refused to give in.

The British kicked ass and took names.

It’s no surprise to me that keep calm and carry on appeals to modern America in the way that it has; it’s origins date back to a pacifist Prime Minister.  And because Americans aren’t any good at history (because our schools system has so warped it with apologetic political correctness), they forget that Neville Chamberlain led the British through the first months of the War that followed.  Despite being a pacifist, he didn’t withdraw from government after Winston Churchill became Prime Minister; Chamberlain served on Churchill’s cabinet until his health failed him.

I think he understood the value in kicking ass and taking names when the situation calls for it. So you go ahead and keep calm and carry on, if that’s what suits you.  Remember:

The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

– John Stuart Mill

Where’s The Justice?

Montana Rapist Stacey Rambold (Image © AP)

Montana Rapist Stacey Rambold (Image © AP)

The Montana former teacher Stacey Rambold who served 30 days for the rape of his student Cherice Moralez will be resentenced, in a rare case of judicial discernment.  The prosecutor is recommending a 10 year sentence, which isn’t enough given that Rambold’s actions resulted in Cherice Moralez’s death by suicide.  But it’s better than the 30-day vacation that state judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced Rambold to serve.

Baugh plans to retire at the end of his term, which seems a good decision considering it seems his interest in doing his job is gone.  His comments regarding Moralez’s role in her rape are completely deplorable.

This whole case stinks.  Not only did Rambold abuse his position of trust, but the victim here shows how little the justice system cares for her situation.  No one in the legal system in this situation comes off looking competent or compassionate to the victim.

The prosecution agreed to dismiss the case if Rambold completed a sex offender treatment program.  The judge sentenced the rapist teacher to an utterly ridiculous 30-day jail stay.  Is it any wonder that Ms. Moralez felt the only way she’d get any peace is in death?

Rambold, incidentally, couldn’t even complete the sex offender treatment program. Which suggests to me that even 10 years is too short a time.  Does Rambold have something on Baugh and the prosecution?

Does Montana simply not take this sort of thing seriously?

Regarding SC State Trooper Sean Groubert’s Shooting Unarmed Civilian

South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert.  (Image © SC Dept. of Public Safety)

South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert. (Image © SC Dept. of Public Safety)

I’m only going to point out a couple of things about this officer-involved shooting in South Carolina.  Regular readers know I’ve gone before into the jack booted thugs using poor judgment with their weapons, they routinely violate constitutional rights, and I think the local constabulary is more likely to kill you than a criminal is.  It’s already been established, then, that I’m highly suspicious of the Gestapo calling itself (with a straight face, no less) Law Enforcement.

What is surprising to me about this case is that Gestapo Agent State Trooper Sean Groubert was fired, that he faced any punitive actions at all.  Even more surprising is that he’s facing felony charges as well.  As the article states, Police officers are rarely charged in South Carolina.

The video shows a trigger happy Gestapo Agent State Trooper firing on a man who is complying with his instructions.  And while that’s frightening, there’s something worse about the situation, and I bet most people skip right over this:  at around 28 seconds into the video, after firing four shots at Levar Jones, the trooper has to ask “are you hit?”

He didn’t know if he’d hit is target.

This to me seems to be the scariest of Groubert’s mistakes.  This happened in the car park of a gas station, and you can see there are other people around, some of them are downrange from Groubert as he fires across at Jones.  He’s not sure he’s hitting his target and he’s obviously oblivious to what’s behind it.  The article states that at one point, Groubert was awarded the State Patrol’s Medal of Valor Award for actions in protecting the public.  I think this blatant endangering of the public sort of cancels that out.

Groubert will likely get off lightly in a state that rarely charges and prosecutes it’s Gestapo.  This is the sad reality of situations like this.  His scumbag lawyer has already trotted out the “officer safety” line, that worn out justification that all police officers use to get away with their particular incidents of brutality against the public they’ve forgotten they work for.  And as the video shows, Groubert wasn’t particularly concerned about the safety of others as he gunned down Jones.

Levar Jones isn’t the only one who hopes his shooting leads to changes in how police officers treat suspects.  Ideally, the constitution that guarantees the rights of the people against the government would be enough to keep things like this happening, but police officers feel they don’t have to follow the constitution.  Which means that any interaction with a police officer could end up like this.  Groubert needs to spend a lot of time in jail for this.

Some Cool Clouds

The other night, my family and I were driving around and we saw this cloud formation.  I thought it looked a bit like the arrival of the Sycorax from the Doctor Who episode The Christmas Invasion.   Or, if you’re not familiar, the arrival of the aliens in Independence Day.


Or is it more like a mushroom cloud?


It looks like a mushroom cloud from here.


The phone has a 26mm/2.0f lens, so wide angle is all I get.

I’m Thankful For…

I’ve been thinking about something to write about all day today, and nothing’s really caught my interest.  There was the idiot on the way into work this morning that took the Denver Standard Time to make a right turn (approximately 45 minutes).  There is the government and no shortage of dumb and wasteful and enslaving things it does.  I’ve been meaning to write a piece commending the Lakewood Police Department for not being typical cops — at least not any time I’ve had to deal with them.

I thought I’d wind up with another post with a quick photo or two; I even took some pictures with my mobile phone the other night that I plan to share, since the clouds were really awesome that night.  I don’t want to constantly rely on that to get me over a muse-less day though.  Somewhat related, I even thought about writing about how most of my followers (and I appreciate you all) came here for the photos and probably get railroaded a little bit when I make comments about tyranny in America.  Thanks for sticking around!

I could write about the project I’m working on at home.  I’m refreshing my ASP.NET MVC skills because I haven’t used them too heavily this past year.  I am also using the opportunity to do some work with data access that doesn’t entail using the Entity Framework.  I’ll probably get around to writing about that eventually; it wouldn’t be my first post on coding.  It’s weird that I truly enjoy coding, but I rarely write about it.

None of those things was compelling enough, though, to write about today.

I try to avoid the constant stream of complaints in what I write about; I usually try to offer a solution or an alternative approach because I’m aware that complaints without suggestions to fix the problem are pointless and everyone else already has a lot of those without needing mine for a nightcap.

What I don’t write enough about is how much in my life is good.  I have a truly amazing wife that keeps my mind sharp and makes running our home much more convenient.  We approach things almost businesslike, which means there’re few misunderstandings about how or what things need to be accomplished.  Our first anniversary is coming up, and I think both of us are a little surprised when we think about how much easier this is than our previous lives.

My daughter is doing well in school; she’s had a rough summer of learning her multiplication tables the hard way, but I think it’s paying off for her.  She’s learning to play the cello, which is pretty cool.  We are spending some good quality time together, everything from bike riding to building dams in the run off ditch next to our apartment.  She’s also modeling for me as I practice portrait photography.

I have a great boss, which makes work much easier to endure sometimes.  He understands that I’m here doing this day in and day out because my efforts on behalf of our company benefit my family’s needs.  That’s quite rare in a boss.  Work isn’t ever an all-fun thing; that’s why it’s a job and not a recreational event.  It’s not all it could be, but it rarely is.  It could be much much worse.

My family gets along, most of the time; I do like that being on Facebook allows us to ‘interact’ more frequently.  I’m still not convinced Facebook’s worth the time and privacy intrusions, and I likely won’t think twice about deleting my account again if it ever gets to be too much; but for now, I do like to see pictures of my niece and nephews, or find out what’s going on in the lives of my siblings.  My sister was amusingly supportive when I talked about my Shutterstock Rejections: they can kiss your ass, she said.  I don’t get down to see my parents like I did last year; but a good part of that is because Wendi doesn’t live there any more.

I don’t love Lakewood and the Denver area all that much; but despite that and despite that our apartment complex is run by and full of idiots, I think we wound up as near as makes no difference the best part of town.  We can live here if we have to.

I do appreciate everyone who’s stopped by to like my posts or follow the blog.  I appreciate every visit and every view.  I think I’ve probably got the best followers on WordPress.

So, yeah; things are good and I’m grateful for it.  And I should make it a point to write more positive things to sort of counter the observations about negative things.  Because nothing is ever all bad all the time; and I don’t know about you, but I poke fun of Eeyores whenever I have to constantly deal with them.  So I definitely don’t want to be mistaken for one.

Thanks for reading.