In Which I Address Some Fools

In my wife’s post, An Open Letter to the Citizens of Trinidad, Colorado, I stated very clearly I wouldn’t tolerate indecent and discourteous posts. It’s an appalling testament to public education how few people understand what this means. Parenthetically, Emily Post must weep if that’s what passes for courtesy nowadays. This post is like a Director’s Cut; I’ve decided to give you all a glimpse behind the scenes. This is a glimpse of how I would likely respond if it weren’t for my unparalleled reason and good grace:

The problem with saying something about which you know nothing is how ridiculous you look. I understand via some comments I received that have heretofore gone unpublished that the zealots of Miner Pick feel I was censoring their comments. Now, this simply isn’t true.

You see, some people make such ludicrous and asinine statements that I would never want such comments to languish in a mere comment pool. These statements deserve to be made fun of in a whole post. It’s not censorship; it’s preferential treatment! So at the risk of relishing my role as pariah to people I couldn’t care less about and whose opinions don’t matter at all to me, let’s ease into this, shall we?

to me this blog is just as biased as miner pick –John Diemer

Thanks for such a piercing observation, John! You see, in the same comment in which I stated that I wouldn’t tolerate discourteous comments, I also stated that this forum served as equal time. Since it’s apparent that English isn’t your primary language, let me explain to you what that means. It means that there are already enough avenues in your toxic little cesspool where blaming the victim is the policy and the accepted message. My stating that this forum is equal time should have been the clue to you that I wasn’t interested in being unbiased.

You see, I am biased. I’m biased against people who refuse to even examine or hear out a view point that’s different than their own pet views. I’m biased against child molestation and the people that commit such acts. Until recently my own daughter was in that school district, and you can be damn sure that a scathing blog post would be the least of your problems if a teacher ever wrote anything like that in her yearbook. And there would be actual, literal blood spilled if a teacher touched her.

So, yeah. You could say I’m biased.

Oh ya…and let’s not talk about getting facts straight. You told [redacted] you were going to prove it with police reports and so forth, well little [redacted] has some nice police reports that can come out too and a whole binder on her husband.

It’s not about [redacted]? Well you sure did mention his name and brought up [redacted]! You are just as crazy as her! Get a life! Are you looking for the same kind of attention that [redacted] is? If you two little girls felt violated, then you should have brought it up back then. You must have enjoyed the attention. And don’t be telling me what kind of person [redacted] is because I know him a lot better than you. And saying his living in a small pond, well so are you honey. If anyone is pathetic, it’s YOU! Starting this site and going on and on about something that is over with. Why don’t you work on trying to get that long legged, small waisted figure back because you are anything but that!

[redacted] you know what your talking about.

Good response! Wendi is just as crazy as [redacted]!

You were the parent, why did you keep it hidden all these years? If my daughter told me about this I would have went straight to the police and how many other people has your daughter accused of doing this? Including family members on your side? Sorry your daughter is mentally I’ll and has issues and married one of her own kind!


Dear god, what a travesty of punctuation and good grammar this lady’s comments are. I would weep for the death of grammatical wellbeing on display here. The breathless run-on sentences in which a lot of words are being used in quick succession to camouflage the fact that nothing of value is being added to the conversation and the only thing this person has to say is personal insults because coming up with facts is too difficult and yes this is a run on sentence and yes I’m making fun of you. I’m! Also! Making! Fun! Of! Your! Over! Use! Of! Exclamation! Points! When you have something of value to add to a conversation, you can merely state it. Exclamation points reveal how desperate for attention you truly are. And a freebie for you, AP: the word your is possessive; you wanted you’re.

If you wish to insult me and my wife, at least have the decency to do it in a grammatically correct format. I already don’t take you people seriously and your inarticulate responses don’t help.

Bull shit i know [redacted] very well and can tell you that is not his have writing, I wonder if crazy [redacted] set you up to do this

I think it’s funny how all this comes out when the district is getting fixed. [redacted] stuck up for [redacted] with the court case and now this. I don’t trust her at all. I know she slashed her tires, and blamed it on [redacted]. She can deny it but I have proof

Is it kinda weird you decided to “come” out as soon as [redacted] was gonna sur the district, right after she praised [redacted] during the concussion investigation. Something is fishy here. I had a sister there that played bball and she said all the teachers and coached were very respectful. So Wendi and [redacted] plz get your money and leave

–Sam aka Unanimous

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and I think ole Sam here actually meant anonymous – which means without any name acknowledged – and not unanimous – which means in complete agreement.

Now, I already spoke to the ESL types and those that blatantly hate good communication skills and proper use of the language (never mind there are red squiggly lines in the comment box that are designed to draw your attention to words so mangled the autocorrect algorithm can’t figure out what you’re trying to say). So with Unanimous-must-mean-Anonymous-turns-out-to-be-Sam, I just want to point out that thinking before you speak might benefit you in the future. I mentioned in the original post that I was logging IP-addresses; and while I knew none of you would know what that meant, I can only conclude that when you made your comments as Sam, you must’ve forgotten your previous comments as Unanimous.

And correction: Miner Pick is a haven for those who hold ALL views on the matter. I don’t select/delete/censor, Don’t get it twisted, Matt. –Bonnie [Felthager]

Can you all forgive me for my contemplating the idea of hoarding all this comedy gold for myself?

Ahem… drumroll please, Maestro.

DO you really think that I don’t have my own copies of said documents and police reports? We also have the posts you made referring to myself and [redacted]’s so-called unresolved childhood issues. Ironic isn’t it? Considering your open letter, I’d say keep YOUR issues to yourself, and don’t be so quick to transfer onto others, those that remain unresolved in YOUR life. Textbook characteristic of someone who truly does have their own problems, but don’t ever assume you know my upbringing. Period.

I notice that my comment to [redacted] is still “awaiting moderation”. I am not particularly interested as to whether or not you approve that for publishing, but I’ve been trying to get ahold of [redacted] for quite some time and DO request that should you not publish my comment, DO encourage her to call me. Actually, whether you realize it right now or not, you owe it to her. Thanks.


–Bonnie Felthager

I’m amused at the arm-chair psychology. It pained me to redact the name used in the first comment because that was a pretty good grammatical stain too. I also quite literally laughed at your presumption that I owe anyone anything. I already explained to you why I don’t owe you anything; I’m not your post service. Your presumption there is eclipsed by your also pointless comment:

Actually, Miner Pick IS present in this conversation, but interestingly enough — only as an observer, Miner’s actual submitted comment’s weren’t allowed, but Bonnie’s were. Ironic…or,is it?

–Miner Pick aka Bonnie Feltager

Your overuse of the phrase (and its derivations) “Ironic, isn’t it?” show that you are unfamiliar with irony and what it actually is. Again, with the bad grammar and ignoring my warning that I logged IPs. It’s apparent that none of you continued learning after whatever passed for your education. Of course, how dare I presume to judge an intellect capable of this:

CORRECTION: This was neither a criminal OR civil hearing. It was a hearing to determine whether [redacted] should be bound by restraint from contact with the alleged victim. The case was dismissed.
–Bonnie [Felthager]

Obviously, you attempted to pass the bar like Frank Abignale Jr. Except he actually passed the bar exam. A matter in the court is either criminal or civil. If you hadn’t become so greedy or found yourself so enraptured with the sound of your own voice and stopped before the NEEDLESSLY CAPITALIZED CONJUNCTION. But you did become greedy and enraptured with the sound of your squawking self that you once again exposed the level of your ignorance.

The restraining order case against Randy Begano was a civil case, and the case wasn’t dismissed. The ruling simply wasn’t in favor of the plaintiff (that’d be the one asking for the restraining order, Council). I realize shooting off your mouth is your only contribution to society, but perhaps you should do it with a little more understanding of the topic next time. That’s a no-charge tip.

Interesting, why was the REPLY button deactivated on your last post, Wendi? If you think I’ll just be quiet, remember, my forum BY FAR has a larger readership than yours, and I WILL publish any and ALL comments made here over there. That, my dear, you have NO control over
–Bonnie [Felthager]

Oh, dear. Once again, you managed to show to world just how blatantly foolish and ignorant you are. You couldn’t see the reply button because you weren’t on a screen big enough to see it. And you did what appears to be what you always do: shot your mouth off without bothering to check the facts. For reference, the screen resolution on my notebook is 1360 x 768; on the tablet, it’s 1920 x 1080. This screenshot clearly shows the relevant reply button:


Of course, the best argument you made for your view was:

–Bonnie [Felthager]

To which I have no response because that sort of articulates your position nicely.

Interestingly, in response to the death of a llama unfortunate enough to find itself loose in the civilized town of Trinidad, Co, comments made by one Bonnie Felthager were as follows:


Animal cruelty is certainly wrong, so I can’t disagree with you there. But I suppose it would be too heavy handed to point out your blatant and unrepentant hypocrisy. It’s not okay to treat the victims of animal cruelty wrong and those people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law; but it’s okay to bully, harass, and mistreat victims of institutionally-sanctioned sexual impropriety and expect to seem reasonable, rational and sane?

To what depths of utter depravity do you have to sink to think this is okay?

I’ll wrap up my behind-the-scenes look at the thought process that goes into writing and maintaining a blog and dealing with the unwashed masses who have an outrage and an internet. It’s typically my policy not to engage the unarmed in a battle of wits.

As for the Trinidad School District and those that support it: I don’t have a dog in this particular fight. My daughter thankfully doesn’t go to school in Trinidad. It’s quite a contrast to Trinidad that in most other areas not in the dark ages, sexual predators are arrested and sent to jail where they belong while Trinidad puts them on the payroll and citizens protect them.

It is not advisable to venture opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener.

–Francisco D’Anconia

My Wife Is Amazing

…the man who despises himself tries to gain self-esteem from sexual adventures – which can’t be done, because sex is not the cause, but an effect and an expression of a man’s sense of his own value.

…a man’s sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy on life.

Francisco D’Anconia

My wife is awesome. It’s not really possible to fully articulate all of the reasons why this is; a small few might be able to relate and understand (and some will pretend they do, but they don’t).

We shared an amused laugh recently: a sales representative at the BMW dealership tried to make a selling point about the radio in the car. He wasn’t expecting my answer when I told him, “Well, points for trying, but we actually enjoy talking to each other.” And we do. We spend most of our road trips with the radio turned down or off so we can talk to each other. I think I also made him jealous when I took a corner with an elevated level of enthusiasm and she only said, “That’s more what I’m used to.”

Our disagreements are usually over the method of accomplishing a goal on which we agree. And because we have an inestimable level of respect for each other, these conversations don’t have to become heated or personal. I am astounded over the things other couples fight about in public; I truly don’t think they understand what sort of image they’re projecting to the unfortunate souls around them.

She’s really handled The Siege much more gracefully than I have. She’s been here during the day while the workman have been cutting holes in the walls and tearing apart our plumbing. The mere thought of having to deal with this makes me angry; and while Wendi isn’t necessarily calm about the whole thing, she’s definitely the reasonable one of us. Our life is starting to return to normal after three weeks of this disruption.

We have fun together. We laugh together. We talk to each other. We like each other.

And life just keeps getting better. If there’s a peak, we haven’t found it yet.

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Trinidad, Colorado

The following is a letter written by my wife Wendi to the citizens of Trinidad, Colorado. It was originally sent to the Chronicle News and Pueblo Chieftain, neither of which had the guts to publish it.

Dear Citizens of Trinidad, CO:

You owe it to your children to critically examine the repeated allegations of sexual assault against multiple members of the former coaching staff from Trinidad High School over a span of several decades.

These men have created a nearly impenetrable Good Ol’ Boy Club built upon a foundation of shared knowledge of dirty little secrets that they keep for (and likely lord over) one another. The result is a depth of corruption and breadth of collusion that rivals that of the Catholic Church. Because no one—not school administrators, nor police officers, nor parents of current students —wants to believe the allegations of the sole victim brave enough to speak publicly, I thought you might like to see some physical evidence of the kind of men who are working to silence her.

The photo below is a snapshot of the only signature on page 103 of my senior yearbook from 1987:


I can assure you this photo is authentic as I took it myself, and the original signature remains securely in my possession. The signature reads: “Wendy [sic] I’ve enjoyed talking to you. Looking at you, Just having you around. One heck of a young women [sic]. Best of Luck. Just wished I was the lucky man. Always, Coach Dasko

I was a 17-year-old senior in high school when those words were handwritten in my yearbook by George “Coach” Dasko, who was my history teacher at the time. The first time I read this, I understood clearly why he seated me in the front row, directly in his line of sight, the first day of class. I was a tall, thin, leggy teenager with an unusually small waist and large breasts, so I don’t doubt that he enjoyed looking at me. The fact that he felt it was okay to say so in a wildly inappropriate yearbook exchange between teacher and student is another matter. I was disturbed by his words the first time I read them in 1987. Today, as the stepmother of a tall, thin, leggy 10-year-old who is growing up far too quickly, I am horrified by those words.

Parents, how would you feel if one of your daughter’s teachers wrote something similar in her yearbook?

Would you be alarmed?



Or would you dismiss it as a momentary lapse in judgment by someone you believe to be a “nice guy”?

George Dasko is a nice guy, by most definitions. He’s adored and idolized by a lot of people. There are legions of former students and athletes who will undoubtedly rise to his defense. I can’t speak for anyone else. I can only speak for myself, and in my personal opinion, George Dasko is a pervert who (at best) lacks boundaries. At worst, he may be just as guilty of sexual abuse as his friends and family who have been repeatedly accused of sexual assault. I hope that’s not the case because even I think George is basically a nice guy. Still, because of the inappropriately suggestive things he wrote to a 17-year-old girl, I won’t allow him within a 5-mile radius of my stepdaughter. Thankfully, she no longer lives in Trinidad, so George is one basketball coach her father and I won’t have to worry about when our budding basketball star enters middle school.

When Kimber Begano went public with her allegations, I believed her. I believed her then, and I believe her now after watching her stand up to brutal and painfully public attacks on her character, her family, and her property. I attended the permanent restraining order hearing in Trinidad so I could hear the testimony myself. I listened to every word exchanged in the courtroom that day, and I walked out of that courthouse knowing two things for certain: 1) Kimber Begano is a warrior, and 2) she is absolutely not a liar.

Over the past several decades, an untold number of sexual assault allegations naming multiple members of the former coaching staff at Trinidad High School have been swept under the rug by the Trinidad School District, the Trinidad Police Department, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Some records of these prior allegations are beginning to surface, however. Many of them are public records that can and should be requested by any parent with a child attending any school in Las Animas County.

I encourage concerned parents with children at Trinidad Middle School in particular to request, at a bare minimum, a copy of the court’s final judgment on pages 169 through 177 of the transcript from the permanent restraining order hearing, Case No. 13C186: KIMBER BEGANO, Petitioner vs. RANDY BEGANO, Respondent.

Read the court’s conclusion for yourself. Determine, for yourself, if you’re comfortable with Randy Begano teaching or coaching your daughters after reading that transcript. Stop listening to heresy and start examining facts. I’ve done my due diligence. Now, it’s your turn.

Please, put the welfare of your own children before your love of sports, and settle for nothing less than transparency from those to whom you entrust those children. It’s time to demand a higher level of professionalism from your elected officials and your police department.

I haven’t been a parent for very long, but I am frequently surprised by the intensity of my drive to protect my stepdaughter. Watching my husband grapple with Kimber’s story tells me that the drive of a biological parent to protect his child is even stronger. Kimber Begano no longer stands alone. My husband and I have joined her crusade to rid the schools in Las Animas County of sexual predators, and we will not rest until the children of Las Animas County—your children—are safe from harm by those in positions of trust.


Wendi K. Reamy

In this instance, I believe this forum is equal time as there are other sympathetic avenues available to those whose views oppose those expressed here; but I also think it would be a shame to deny the world a glimpse of those who hold a differing view than the one presented here. That said, commenting here is a privilege and all comments on this blog are moderated because too many people on the internet forget how to be decent and courteous to someone who doesn’t share his views. I’ll not have that here. I am the final arbiter of comments, and if I deem comments as inappropriate I reserve the right to remove them from my blog. I log IP addresses.

Reason Suffers A Blow In Condoleezza Rice Outrage

Progressives, Left, Liberals — whatever you call them — are certainly a confused bunch. I understand how they win now, though, because their inheritly illogical nature simply beats down logical people who eventually just give up trying to make sense of the WTF?!-edness of Left Thought.

Feminists have decried the lack of females in boardrooms in the Silicon Valley; it’s a favorite talking point among the Left’s women and male-like politicians who tout this nonsense in hopes to curry favor with voters. Crybaby whiners like Sheryl No-I-Really-Want-To-Ban-The-Word-Bossy-It’s-Not-A-Joke Sandberg who unsurprisingly create statistics out of thin air (it’s a trick Leftists learn, probably in college) feel there aren’t enough women in the workplace in the Silicon Valley.

And who could forget Silicon Valley’s recent run in with the King of Racism himself, Jesse Jackson? Jackson took aim at Silicon Valley for not hiring enough black people — and as an afterthought, he objected to the lack of Hispanics, too. (Never mind that the tech industry provides income for a lot of Asian people, of course).

I would think it’d be rather patronizing and insulting to be hired for my gender or skin color, personally; but as I mentioned at the beginning, the progressive un-logic baffles me.

So why did I bring this up?

Well, it seems that Dropbox — that online storage provider — has recently announced the appointment of Condoleezza Rice to its board. Now, I suppose it’s possible that Dropbox founder Drew Houston merely picked Rice because she was black and a woman. But he’s quoted as saying:

We’re honoured to be adding someone as brilliant and accomplished as Ms Rice to our team.

And he’s not backing down despite the social media pressure to drop Dropbox. No, I’m not kidding. A Silicon Valley company appoints a female to its board — a minority female at that — and the internet goes wild. Not with kudos and cheers, but with threats of boycotting and complaining because the black female appointment somehow isn’t good enough.

Rice’s appointment makes complete sense in actual, logical terms though. One of the biggest objections is Rice’s ties to Bush’s White House and the wiretapping nature thereof. Never mind that Bush hasn’t lived there in six years and the wiretapping didn’t stop when he left (oh, there I go making sense again). Seems logical to me to hire someone like this who knows the nature of the Bush wiretapping policies that’ve been continued by the current Oval Office Clown.

Maintaining this level of hypocritical un-logic and arguing that position with a straight face and real, actual vitriol and conviction cannot be easy. I’m telling you, it must be hard work being a leftist progressive.

The Siege Ends

Well, The Siege of the House of Reamy is winding down. Yesterday saw the sageWater crew back in the house poorly patching up and even more poorly cleaning up while the supervisors (title only) stood around outside and smoke cigarettes.

My comments on Alliance Residential Company’s Facebook page — I shared a link to my last post with them — eventually got a comment: two days after the post went up. I mention it to be fair; it’s anything but satisfactory customer service or customer relationship management.

Speaking of satisfactory, the photos I’m sharing here are in the wake of the Siege against the House of Reamy performed jointly by Alliance Residential Company and sageWater.

A drywall screw left on the toilet:
 photo WP_20140409_025_zps7eb93c6c.jpg

Tape left on the wall:
 photo WP_20140409_024_zps728f3330.jpg

Door improperly hung:
 photo WP_20140409_023_zps19d1d23b.jpg

Hole left in the wall:
 photo WP_20140409_022_zps24979e36.jpg

More tape:
 photo WP_20140409_021_zps0826a945.jpg

Crap finish:
 photo WP_20140409_018_zps44d3e365.jpg

An example of how they marked what piece of cut ceiling/wall went where. A nice souvenir:
 photo WP_20140409_017_zpsbb6d7fc4.jpg

Crap paint:
 photo WP_20140409_016_zpsa90b877b.jpg

Lousy paint job and more marker left overs:
 photo WP_20140409_015_zpsbccd41a3.jpg

Gouged drier door:
 photo WP_20140409_014_zps44d75948.jpg

I know paint matching is tough, but did they even try?
 photo WP_20140409_013_zpsc50e5528.jpg

Faucet loose from wall:
 photo WP_20140409_011_zps3b5d52e7.jpg

Paint on the bog roll dispenser:
 photo WP_20140409_009_zps1d942de2.jpg

I’m not sure what they did to get the washer to do this, but it wasn’t like that before The Siege. Collateral damage, I suppose:
 photo WP_20140409_005_zps553618fb.jpg

Paint on the mirror:
 photo WP_20140409_002_zps99dcac57.jpg

Shower knob in the master bath:
 photo WP_20140409_001_zps5b3ff6f5.jpg

Things like the tape left on the wall are easy to fix, I understand that; I mention those because it’s an indicator of the sloppy work left over by the sageWater armies. Things like the paint left on the mirrors, light fixtures, and bog roll holder are not-so-easy-to-clean annoyances. But things like the drier door and the washer top are more serious: actual destruction occurred against the House of Reamy.

Overall, the best news is that they’re gone and almost done with our building. So the water we don’t entirely trust will at least be on and we can use the loo when we need to.

No Allies At Alliance

My wife and I are victims of an apathetic and deliberately obtuse and recalcitrant corporation: Alliance Residential Company. Alliance Residential Company owns and manages – if you can call it that – several apartment complexes; and we are among the unfortunate prey in the maw of the beast.

We haven’t been happy with this place since we’ve moved in, but we had determined to make the best of it and deal for the term of the lease. What haven’t we liked? I discovered the toilet rocked not long after we moved in. When I reported it, the maintenance man left this mess in our bathroom:

The apartment complex is lackadaisical about snow removal and the sidewalks during the winter have been liabilities. Even the city of Lakewood manages to clean the streets better than our apartment complex cleans the snow from its driveways. Since I maintain that there’s nothing that a government entity can do better than private industry, this is an indicator of how bad Alliance Residential is. And because I’m not an idiot, I understand that the snow removal is probably contracted out to some other company, but since Alliance Residential is the one awarding and paying the contracts, the blame ultimately lies with Alliance Residential.

So under this general dissatisfaction with our residence already, we were less than thrilled to find a notification on our door that warned us that the Alliance Residential was going to be replacing the plumbing in our building. Yeah, you read that right. There was to be a ‘Town Hall’ meeting on 20 March.

During this meeting, the Alliance Residential representative was confrontational and abrasive. Her mantra was no rent abatement. Never mind that the water was to be shut off for the better part of the day for the weeks each building takes to get re-plumbed. Never mind that we’d have to empty half of the apartment’s rooms into the living room or my daughter’s room for a week while they’re cutting holes in our apartment’s walls. Never mind that we are unable to use our kitchen to make dinner. My wife typically makes enough for dinner so we have lunch the next day. But we’ve had to incur the costs of eating out for lunch and dinner. Despite all that, the Alliance Residential Company’s stance is clear: no concessions for invading our home and creating a massive imposition in our lives.

Also during this meeting when we discovered that holes would be cut into our walls, my wife informed the Alliance Residential representative and the representative for the contracting company that was to be doing the work that we have rodents in the walls and ceilings of our apartments. They’ve been driving our cat crazy; but aside from that, they’ve been contained. Once the plumbers opened up the walls, the rodents would have free reign and access to our apartment.

Were we taken seriously? What do you think?

Sunday night, I posted this picture to Alliance Residential Company’s Facebook page:

 photo alliancephoto_zps39747b0f.png

This is our living room after clearing out all the areas they instructed us to clear out: my closet, the kitchen, the laundry room, the master bathroom, and the front bathroom. The only rooms remaining are the master bedroom, the kiddo’s bedroom, and the living room. The math on that, by the way, is four rooms and a closet out of seven rooms in our apartment.

My wife sent me a text this afternoon telling me she saw a mouse running around our living room; and when I got home this afternoon, the guy directing the plumbers mentioned his guys had seen mice as well. When I went over to the office to request one of the office staff get in touch with me, the low ranking bureaucratic peon manning the desk was rude and defiant. That’s no surprise given how the regional managers act toward the residents.

Rodents in the apartment are definitely a health-code violation; and now we’re going to have to contact the county health department because given the apathy displayed by Alliance Residential Company we’ve no confidence they’ll do anything about it.

When this photo and my criticism was deleted or hidden from Alliance’s Facebook page, I sent the company an email through its Contact Us page. There’s been silence, no acknowledgement of my communication at all from Alliance.

This can only be interpreted as contempt for a customer by an apathetic, bullying corporation that cares only about bringing more victims to its clutches and locking them into long-term leases to fleece as much as it can from them.

I plan to file a complaint with the BBB against Alliance Residential Company. It won’t be the first time the BBB will have encountered Alliance Residential: Alliance’s BBB-Accredited Business status was revoked in February of 2014. Given the way the regional manager treated the residents at the town hall meeting, I’m not surprised the BBB revoked their accreditation.

I also contacted one of the local news network’s consumer protection/investigation team. I’m waiting to hear back from that one, and I’ll go to all of them with this if I must.

I’m sure Alliance Residential thinks this will go away once the inconvenience of the plumbing job is over. That’s a mistake because it won’t.

Various pictures I took this evening after coming home from work.

 photo WP_20140407_010_zpsbfcd22f6.jpg

 photo WP_20140407_008_zpsac47149c.jpg

 photo WP_20140407_005_zps96447ec8.jpg

 photo WP_20140407_004_zpsd9766066.jpg

 photo WP_20140407_001_zps1d7a9a0a.jpg

And of course, there was leaking on our bathroom floor this evening:

 photo WP_20140407_020_zpsd53a01fe.jpg

As for the complaint about the rodents that the low-level bureaucratic peon wouldn’t listen to:

 photo WP_20140407_007_zps4b776e49.jpg

 photo WP_20140407_004_zpsd5c7086b.jpg

A quick edit: just before I was going to post this, the ‘Manager’ (Ashley) at our apartment complex called, was very rude and snotty, and refused to address any of these concerns. She solely repeated the party line that the project was to “protect us and our items” when in fact Alliance is protecting its own investments. She refused to acknowledge the BBB accreditation facts, so she doesn’t even know what’s going on in her own business.

(Alleged) Sexual Predator Sanctioned By Trinidad School Board

It takes a special brand of pervert to sexually assault a young woman. To do so as a teacher, or indeed someone in any position of trust, is worse than disgusting; it makes you the most vile and worthless example of depravity. Randy Begano; Image Credit: Denver PostThere’s no comparison in which you can come out ahead.

Such a disgusting waste of flesh allegedly exists in the form of Randy Begano. In the small southern-Colorado town of Trinidad, Randy Begano is idolized by many of the locals who feel a football coach can do no wrong. But Randy is an alleged menace walking free thanks to a system of cronyism that keeps him out of jail.

Within the last few months, one woman has stood up against the system of corruption and tolerance that exists in Trinidad’s Good-Old-Boy Network. Having claimed to have been been as a young woman the victim of Randy’s alleged perverse abuse of position, Kimber Begano decided that enough was enough. She didn’t want to see any more young women sexually abused and then intimidated into silence.

Was she commended for making a stand? Was the school district in Trinidad interested in ensuring the safety of its students?

Not in Trinidad and no.

The amount of harassment levied at Kimber since her accusations is indicative of the small town’s ability to turn away and pretend that nothing’s happening. People in Trinidad are stubbornly resistant to acknowledge their local hero football coach was capable of such a thing, even though some of the harassment comes from others in a similar position to Kimber’s. But whether or not they acknowledge it changes nothing, and only highlights them as close-minded, ignorant hicks with their heads in the sand – complicit in these assaults by nature of the fact that they’re unwilling to stop them.

While the accusations levied against Randy Begano did result in an administrative leave, he’s since been reinstated. Which makes Trinidad School District 1 complicit in Randy’s actions and liable in any future civil actions.

Kimber, newly cast in her role as champion for children’s safety recently filed for a permanent restraining order against Randy Begano. During this hearing, the judge stated that the complaint for sexual assault had been met: Kimber’s testimony as well as that of her witness was credible. Incidentally, Begano himself never denied the accusations. While the judge acknowledged the assault had occurred, he felt there wasn’t enough evidence to grant the permanent restraining order; that’s unfortunate, but I’d suggest the actual victory is the court’s admission the sexual assault took place.

It should also be pointed out that the Trinidad Police department didn’t recuse itself from responsibility to conduct an unbiased investigation. The two officers that led the investigation into these allegations are both high-school referees. Good buddies of Randy Begano, they were seen hanging out with him during breaks in the hearing. One of these supposed professional investigators is the current chief of police Charles Glorioso. If Glorioso had a single professional or capable bone in his body, he’d recognize the conflict of interest in handling this investigation himself; but had he done that, he would have been unable to sweep this under the rug. Since the Trinidad Police Department is far from professional in something as minor as a traffic stop, there’s no indication they’re even capable of conducting a professional investigation at this level. It is an inexcusable travesty of justice that the Trinidad Police Department didn’t request outside help.

The District Attorney is unable to file charges due to a statute of limitations – something conveniently unmentioned in the article in the local newspaper, whose representative allegedly didn’t even take the time to call Kimber for a statement. Upon learning that there’d be no criminal charges filed against Begano, acting Trinidad School superintendent George Dasko – one of Begano’s Good Old Boy network buddies – reinstated his pervert friend to his job with the school, giving Randy unrestricted access to prey on middle-school students. What would you expect from a fellow sexual predator who wrote “he wished he was the lucky man” in another student’s year book?

Parenthetically, the school board went out of its way to ensure someone favorable to Randy Begano was in a position to squash Kimber’s complaint. The morning after Kimber filed her complaint, the actual superintendent – Dr. Manual Rodriquez – placed Begano on leave. The school board subsequently put Rodriquez on leave and appointed George Dasko as acting superintendent. These are not the actions of a school board interested in the truth or interested in keeping the schools under its purview free of child molestors and perverts.

The school district’s willingness to reinstate Randy Begano, the Chronicle News’s skewing the story to make it appear as if it was merely an unfounded accusation, the incompetent Trinidad Police Department’s unwillingness to turn the case over to an unbiased party such as the Colorado Bureau of Investigation – these events all point to a willingness to protect a hometown degenerate. Randy Begano is an alleged sexual predator of the vilest nature in a town willing to let it happen, whether motivated by similar tastes like George Dasko or by selective reporting like the newspaper or through incompetence, cronyism, and quid pro quo like the Police Department’s Glorioso and Arsenio Vigil. They’re all as guilty as the alleged sexual predator Randy Begano himself is.