Brauchen Sie Ein Schleppen?

Am US-Luftwaffe Akademie, ein Flugzeug schleppt ein Segelflugzeug zur den Himmel.

An airplane tows a glider into the air at the USAF Academy.

 photo IMG_9537_zpsoubwhkn9.jpg

 photo IMG_9538_zpssilkloyb.jpg

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BNSF 4308 In Greenland, CO

Two slightly different versions of the same shot. I took this photo in between the north and south lines at the Noe Road crossing in Greenland.

The first uses the Portrait setting:

 photo IMG_9448-dp_zpspgynzxvg.jpg

The second uses the Landscape:

 photo IMG_9448-dl_zps1nrgczje.jpg

The colors of the locomotive (and everything else) are more vibrant using the landscape setting; but the portrait setting is closer to the actual lighting when I took the photo. I liked the result of both, but would love your opinions and preferences.

Addressing A Fool

The other day, I got the following (unsolicited) letter from the member of Congress who is currently misrepresenting the district in which I live, Ed Perlmutter:

Office Lens_20150629_202535_processed

The following is my response that I sent to both his local and Washington DC offices:

Ed Perlmutter, Member of Congress:

I’m amused you think signing your form letter with “Member of Congress” affords you any courtesy, as if you’re someone from whom I’ve been waiting to hear.

Your breathless, insipid endorsement of the policies put forth by the administration currently making a mockery of our Constitution, irreparably and intentionally damaging any semblance of race relations in our country, as well as other inexcusable assaults on this supposed “place of liberty”, indicates to me that you’re too ignorant to understand the issues facing our country. Which, of course, means you’re drawn to the perceived control that you think comes along with a title like Congressman.

Regarding the specific assault from the Obama administration in its campaign to debilitate this country you mention, I don’t have the same naïve, vapid outlook about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals as you do. In fact, I appreciate the judges in the Fifth Circuit Court who are blocking the unconstitutional and unilateral actions of the One Who Would Be Dictator currently defiling the Oval Office. That court is defending our country against enemies such as yourself and your tin god. There have been laws in place to handle such matters as immigration. I don’t have sympathy for these people, the majority whom refuse to integrate while standing in defiance of the laws this country.

I don’t need lectures from people such as you about the fabric of our nation; you have twisted the cause and nature of immigration to such Dorian Gray proportions, this lunacy makes sense to you. Enough so that you’ll break out your cheerleader skirt and pom-poms and ask me to join you while you assist in actions that are blatantly unconstitutional. You’re a bad joke, Congressman.

I do think opportunities still exist in this country, but that time is short; and it is the actions of cowards like you who are actively shortening the lifespan of opportunity in America. If you want a pat on the back for your actions in destroying the country, there are plenty ignorant people out there who will likely give you the worship for which you’re desperate. Start with those who voted for you.

You’ll not find such simpering admiration here.


Wal-Mart Gives Me Another Reason Not To Shop There

I’m not a Confederate Flag apologist; I don’t have any particular attachment to it. The whining leftist weenie censorship element in our country has done a good job of convincing the ignorant, unwashed masses that it’s a symbol of racism, a term which itself is a semantic satiation any more.

But in reality, the Confederate States of America were formed in response to a repressive, bullying federal government that blatantly overstepped its Constitutional boundaries in direct violation to the 10th Amendment. Sort of like the repressive, bullying federal government does today.

The difference was, the Confederates believed enough in their rights to stand up to the repressive, bullying federal government and its boundaries-trashing president. I bet Lincoln wishes he could’ve distracted the unwashed masses with ESPN back then while he blatantly disregarded the Constitution. Obama doesn’t know how good he’s got it.

And while the federal government has continued to violate, undermine, and actively destroy our Constitutional freedom, it’s also done its damnedest to vilify those who stood up for theirs, to ensure that no one tries it again. And it seems to be working.

We live in a country so full of ignorance that the majority have no idea what’s going on. They’re the product of a public school education, which means they’ve been taught by the very same federal government whose sole purpose is self-preservation. And that ignorance is pervasive and spreading.

Case in point:

A man in Louisiana wants a Confederate flag on a cake. Wal-Mart refuses. So he goes in the next day and asks for a cake with the ISIS battle flag on it. Guess what?


Per Wal-Mart policy, it’s perfectly acceptable to decorate a cake with the symbol of a group that beheads people, burns them alive, and who knows what other atrocities they’ve committed that the liberal leftist awestruck media hasn’t gleefully reported. But it’s not okay to put the Confederate flag on a cake.

I know the company has issued a pro forma apology to the man, lest those it’s fleecing think less of the company while it engages in its campaign of censorship. But even putting aside the empty words and censorship they’re engaging in, there are a couple of problems that I can see. The first, is that this “talented bakery associate” was so ignorant that he or she had no idea what this man was asking. Secondly, the company thinks this is acceptable and condemned the customer for probing Wal-Mart’s loyalties. This speaks volumes about where the company places its values.

And this is indicative of what’s wrong with Wal-Mart. I haven’t done my shopping at Wal-Mart in five or six years at least. I quit going there because I got tired of the dirty, disgusting stores, the entirely discourteous, clueless, and apathetic staff, and most of the rest of the other people there. In short, I got tired of dealing with these sorts of “talented associates” and this sort of corporate dogma. And if I had never spent another dime in Wal-Mart, it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings.

While it was an In-A-Pinch option before, I’d rather do without than spend any of my money at Wal-Mart ever again. I think the company’s demonstrated where its loyalty lay. Wal-Mart has every right to be pro-ISIS, pro-censorship, pro-political correctness, and pro-ignorance (pardon the redundancy of the last three; I’m aware they are all the same thing). But by not shopping there, none of my money will find its way via the Wal-Mart Avenue to ISIS’s coffers.

Die Popcornwolke

 photo IMG_9544_zpsnnrdfapg.jpg

Union Pacific in Greenland

Early in June, I saw the Ringling Brothers circus train. I took those photos as the train passed through Palmer Lake, but I never posted the photos I took at the Noe Road crossing in Greenland.

 photo IMG_9087_zpso3zneeza.jpg

 photo IMG_9086_zpsejusre3e.jpg

 photo IMG_9097_zpsma3szzld.jpg

 photo IMG_9098_zpsidbdpcmz.jpg

(Okay, you busted me. The third one is actually not at the Noe Road crossing; I took that one as the train started its descent into what’s dubbed The Sag north of Palmer Lake.)


20120907 024