Hale and Farewell, Nico Rossberg

I’ve been thinking a lot about Nico Rossberg’s Formula 1 Championship win this past week. First off, some belated congratulations to him; he’d worked hard this year to get this maiden championship win.

He drove brilliantly against the petulant Louis Hamilton, a driver I’ve never cared for. Hamilton is so full of himself that he thinks the sport is about him; the sooner he’s gone from it, the better. “I’m losing the championship, so who cares if I lose the race” smacks of his puerile behavior. Mercedes should fire him, or bench him at least and replace him with drivers who are interested in working for the team.

Nico Rossberg has class, refusing to deride his teammate following the race. I’ve always sort of been a fan of Rossberg, even though he’s been driving (very well) against my (struggling) McLaren team. And since last weekend, Nico Rossberg has announced his retirement from F1, something all the media outlets seem to describe as “shocking”. Why is it shocking? He’s done what he’s came to do, as his statement makes clear; and he’s going out on his own terms: on top.

Best of luck to Rossberg and his family.

Ginger Cat, Sleeping


One advantage to taking pictures of Rose when she’s sleeping? She doesn’t scowl at the camera like she otherwise would. It’s hard not to take pictures of Rose when she has her face tucked under her leg like this.

I don’t usually pose the cat (as if that would do any good anyway). She was sleeping next to me on the couch, and I “tucked her in”… she didn’t budge.



With its distinctive shape, the C-130 is easy to pick out when it’s flying overhead. Typically, I’ve been more interested in civilian aircraft, not military. But the C-130 is one military plane I do like. This guy was flying overhead as I was heading out to take pics, and I missed some good shots fumbling with the lens cap. I thought he might make another pass; that’s not uncommon here. But he didn’t.

Red Rocks Canyon Open Space (Part I)


You know how when you live somewhere, you sort of take it for granted? We don’t mean to, but we do it. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for many years, but had hever gone to Red Rocks Canyon Open Space.

It was new and interesting, with many photo opportunities.

Red Rocks Canyon Freifläche

Bekanntlich wie, wann euch irgendwo wohnt, betrachtet euch es als selbstverständlich? Wir meinen es nicht, doch tun wir es. Ich habe in Colorado Springs viele Jahre gewohnt, aber ich habe nie zu Red Rocks Canyon Freifläche gegangen.

Es war neu und interessant, mit viele Fotomöglichkeiten.

Empty Coal Train — BNSF 6161


I was checking out a new spot for taking photos of trains as they pass by. Since it was morning, I decided to stay on the east side of the tracks. Here, the elevation of the rails is about 15 feet or so higher than the elevation of the road as they’re cut into the hillside. I thought the perspective looking up at the train as it passed might be fun to try.

BNSF 6161, a GE ES44AC, pulls an empty coal train north through Colorado Springs. It’s paired with BNSF 9739, an EMD SD70MAC in the Executive livery.

Working DPU duty at the rear of the train was another GE/EMD combination, linked nose to nose: BNSF 6288 (ES44AC) and BNSF 9166 (SD70ACe):

BNSF 9166 was featured here before, but in much different weather conditions!