A Windy Snowy Pikes Peak


Geese in the Park


Hundreds of geese were hanging out in the park, and I stopped for some photos.

I thought I was a little too close when the geese started honking — you know, because it’s all about me, right? But then I heard a response from behind me, and I looked up to see quite a few more geese flying in:

And landing…

I was thinking: Why this park? What makes them think they can hang out here in this park?

Oh… Fair enough.

Wall Horses


I rarely go downtown, but I wanted to drive past the old rail depot on Sierra Madre street. On the side of the building where I took the pictures of BNSF 9281, I saw this mural… I never knew it was there.

I think if those horses get up enough speed, they’ll run right off the side of that building. Incidentally, this is on the side of the Bridge Gallery.

Empty Coal Train — BNSF 9281


I’ve talked before about how my timing sucks. I saw this empty coal train approaching, but wasn’t able to park, get to a good spot, check my settings and get the shots. But I got these few (and one that was so over-exposed, even calling it “artistic” was going to be a stretch).

A trio of EMD SD70 hardware. In the front was BNSF 9281 and BNSF 9698 an ACe and a MAC respectively. At the end was BNSF 9369 (another EMD SD70ACe) and BNSF 5605, a GE AC4400CW.

Here’s the head of the train making the bend at the north end of the small yard in Colorado Springs and just before it passed under the bridge on Bijou Avenue.

I’m not certain that the station there in the background is authentic (I suppose I should go down there and check that out); but I think it sort of gives the area a little bit of an “old timey” feel among the modern surroundings.

Rose Relaxing


Rose lounges on the couch next to me… when she’s not just simply taking over my lap. Sometimes, when she’s sleeping on the blanket, I wrap the blanket around her. And this time, I thought it was funny her face was out one side and her tail out the other.

She still wasn’t amused to be the subject of the photos, though.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo — Amur Tiger


Of all the big cats, I think the Amur Tiger — also known as the Siberian Tiger — is one of the most beautiful. I find tigers fascinating as it is, but this big cat is just amazing. I’m not as dedicated as Sooyong Park, but I like to hang out by the tiger enclosure at the zoo.

More often than not, this big tiger is sleeping; tigers are — like most cats — nocturnal. But I think the cold of the day we were there helped him feel a bit more active. He seemed almost restless. Perhaps it was a feeding day; after two starve days, I would imagine he’d be anxious to eat.

I think I’ve been spotted…

I think I saw more big cats grooming this day than I ever had.

Look at the size of that paw! It’s staggering.

Mixed Freight — BNSF 8036


It was brutally cold out, but my daughter wanted to play in the snow. So we were outside in the cold. I only had my phone with me, but of course I couldn’t let the train go by without trying to get pics.

BNSF 8036 and BNSF 8076, a pair of GE ES44C4s, along with a mongrel DASH-9 C44W BNSF 1120 led a short mixed freight train. I’m not arguing these photos are particularly great; but I think the 26mm lens on my phone gives everything a different feel from when I’m out with my usual kit. It also allowed me to get different angles than I usually would. And I almost slid down the short embankment… which would’ve been funny to the kiddo.

I’m not sure why, but I find the wheels on the Autoracks fascinating. It could be because the size of the cars relative to the wheels seem so grossly disproportionate. From a distance, they look like tiny little legs on a giant. Whatever it is…