The Only Logical Conclusion

So a few years ago, my wife and I wrote about the struggle Kimber Begano was going through after coming forward with her claims of being sexually assaulted by the football coach at Trinidad High School and the school district’s response. These articles are still among our most read, and have given this blog the coveted first search result for “Randy Begano” and “George Dasko” on Google.

In civilized societies whenever you see accusations like that in the news, the teacher is dismissed — the accusation alone is enough to warrant an investigation; but Trinidad has its Good Old Boy Network in full swing, and — well, it falls to people whose consciences are not seared and broken (or missing altogether) to do something about it.

So after an investigation by the Office of Civil Rights, Kimber’s claims have been validated.

The court acknowledged that Kimberly Begano’s testimony regarding the sexual relationship was credible…

In January 2014, Trinidad police forwarded its investigative report to the district attorney, who determined that Kimberly Begano’s complaint against the head football coach was time-barred and no charges would be filed.

The head football coach was then taken off administrative leave and later resumed his coaching duties.

Kimberly Begano also brought her case to the school board in May 2014, requesting that it direct the district to conduct an investigation into her claims.

One school board member told OCR that he attempted to discuss the issue “but two senior board members didn’t want to hear it.”

“I was very disturbed by the fact the administration and board chose to protect coaches and their friends rather than the children.”

What’s interesting is the response from the school district’s official, Bill Cordova. Among all the fluff was this gem: “the investigation found insufficient evidence that the District retaliated against the complainant.”

You know, because that’s the important thing.

Which leads me to believe that while the students of Trinidad schools ride to school in something like this:

Most of the school board, the police chief and district officials ride to work in something like this:


So Long, Lumia 920


Wow, yesterday was quite a day. I knew my new phone was coming in; and I was going to be saying goodbye to my trusty Nokia Lumia 920. I’ve been using that phone since before my wife and I started dating; it’s almost older than this blog.

I snapped the above picture of the sunrise on my way out to the car to drive to work this morning. I’m commuting to Aurora for a job I love… but it started to snow up there in the morning. And it took me 3 and half hours to get home last night.

But I did get a Microsoft Lumia 950 and it takes pictures in RAW format… Oh the creative possibilities!

Mixed Freight — BNSF 9089


This EMD SD70ACe, BNSF 9089, leads a line of very mixed freight north. Helping out was BNSF 7827, a GE ES44AC, and BNSF 8036, a GE ES44C4 which I last saw in January when playing in the snow with my daughter. It was the lead locomotive then; but on this day, it was pulling DPU duty.

When it first cleared the signal, I thought it was an unit oil train — but it didn’t take long to see that mixed freight is a perfect term. Center beams, short gondolas and beat up hoppers were among the manifest.

Cal-Exit? See Ya!

A small group of outspoken whiners in California has decided that the Republic of California should secede from the US. Their motto? California is a Nation, not a state.

Now, this probably won’t manage to get on the ballot, but it is happening in California; so it’s entirely possible. I’ve been hearing about this movement ever since Trump won the election; because there’s always talk of states seceding from the union when someone they didn’t like becomes president. Normally reason prevails; but, again: California.

When I first heard of this, my thought was simple: if this comes to a vote, the rest of the country should get to vote on it as well. Such an action would, after all, affect the country as a whole. And they’re a liberal enclave always teaching the whole is more important than the individual. For the record, I would happily vote to let California secede, taking its 55 liberal electoral votes with it. That’d save the rest of the country billions in federal aid as well. With a win-win proposition like that?

Buh-bye, California.