Texting And Driving: A Suggestion

It’s apparent that threats of death aren’t enough to keep people from texting and driving. It’s a sad realization that not only are people so attached to their phones they don’t care about their own deaths, but they also don’t care about anyone else around them, either. I mean, you’re probably doing the world a favor if you voluntarily, prematurely bail on the gene pool. But you’re not allowed to take others out with you. I mean, if you’re texting and driving, you’ve already admitted you’re not interested in a continued existence, but you can’t make that decision for those around you.

But I digress, considering I started out by acknowledging the realization that the threats of death do nothing to prevent texting and driving. On my commute, I see a lot of people glued to their phones. I do hope I’m not collateral damage when they do choose to bite it.

So it’s useless to discuss personal safety as an argument against texting and driving, but tonight I think I’ve hit on a better argument against it.

I don’t typically engage in Christian motoring; I’ve typically regretted letting people out in front of me whenever I do.  I can’t be the only driver who, after benefiting from someone else’s generosity, doesn’t make them immediately regret being generous.  But it seems that way.

Tonight, I saw two people trying to make left turns across a busy street. In most situations, it’s inadvisable to do unexpected things; we’ve established that people aren’t actually paying attention to driving while they’re in their cars. But there seemed enough room between me and the car behind me to let them cross. The first was holding up all the traffic behind her; it seemed that by letting her go, I’d be helping a lot of people get home sooner.  So I stopped to let her go.

And I waited.

Eventually, she made the left and a lot of us were able to continue on our way. The same scene, nearly exactly, repeated itself not two minutes later.

So here’s my thought. If you’re not going to get off your phone to save your life, how about putting your phone down while you’re in the car to be courteous to those around you who are trying to be courteous to you.

I know it’s a ridiculous thought. It won’t work because people have already shown themselves to be apathetic toward other people when it requires even the smallest effort. But I guess my closet optimism has the better of me.


3 thoughts on “Texting And Driving: A Suggestion

  1. Peter Fisher

    Its hard to resist when u need to say something important while driving.

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