Denver Botanic Gardens II

Here are some more photos from our trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens. I don’t know much about flowers other than they’re really pretty. I should start taking notes about what type of flower is what when I have that information available; but I didn’t then (and even knowing I should doesn’t always mean I will. At least not consistently.

Honestly, this trip made me think about getting a macro lens and learning how to do some of that. Most of these were taken with my 300mm zoom lens because I just couldn’t get as close as I wanted to; and I wasn’t going to trample on the other flowers to get shots of the ones I wanted.

Anyway, here are some more flower photos I took while at the Botanic Gardens.

 photo IMG_4094_zps12ffca5a.jpg

 photo IMG_4024_zpsd2c64ea6.jpg

 photo IMG_4079_zpsd9384aef.jpg

 photo IMG_4092_zps2c48ca38.jpg

 photo IMG_4010_zpsde574617.jpg

 photo IMG_3996_zpsd20308b1.jpg

 photo IMG_4008_zpsee0ae799.jpg


12 thoughts on “Denver Botanic Gardens II

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks! I’m not really sure which is which, but I do remember there were some great flowers in the water.

        1. matt Post author

          Ich gebe zu, dass ich weiß nicht die Wortbedeutung “Frauke”. Ich habe nicht eine Definition finden.

      1. matt Post author

        Danke… Dann wäre das stattdessen: Ich wusste, dass ich mich auf du verlassen kann?

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