Brake Pad Replacement

This probably won’t be the most interesting post I’ve ever written. And if it is, that probably doesn’t say much about the rest of the things I’ve written. The brake pad replacement indicator on my car went on about three weeks ago; but there have been so many things going on during the weekends lately that it’s been difficult to get to that particular to do item.

Of course, every time I had to hit the brakes, that little light on the dash has stared at me accusingly as if to remind me there are limits. As if I needed the reminder when my commute looks something like this every afternoon.

 photo WP_20141203_002_zpsa3c762ec.jpg

 photo WP_20141203_001_zps3179687e.jpg

I finally had a chance to do the replacement this weekend, and I’m glad I didn’t have to go another week. There wasn’t much left on the old pads.

 photo WP_20141207_001_zpsea1cf969.jpg

 photo WP_20141207_002_zps55864b60.jpg

I’ve never been one to drive on the brake; I rarely use it. In fact, I’m of the mindset that everyone should have to drive a car with a manual gearbox so they learn how to slow down without the brakes. That might help ease the congestion a little bit if everyone’s not slamming on the brakes in a progress-killing chain reaction.

But now at least when I have to hit the brakes while driving for everyone else around me, I know I’ll be able to stop.


2 thoughts on “Brake Pad Replacement

    1. matt Post author

      Had to sacrifice a tee shirt, though. Wendi managed to save the work jeans, but the tee shirt was a hopeless loss, apparently.


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