Texting And Driving: What Does It Take?

I recently wrote about Texting and Driving and offered a couple of reasons – aside from, you know, killing yourself – why you shouldn’t do it. A comment I got on that blog post from Peter Fisher that summed it up quite nicely: Its[sic] hard to resist when u[sic] need to say something important while driving.

On the way into work yesterday morning, I was behind a lady for whom the draw of the phone in her lap was the only important thing to her. She would have sat through three green lights had I not honked at each of them (I’m not interested in sitting through green lights, I may have a small, shallow pool of forced patience but it doesn’t extend to that).

I watched this lady weaving across the lane, her head bobbing up and down; it was obvious she was trying to keep up with the texts. I could see her in her side mirror when she stopped at the stop lights; she barely stopped the car before her head dropped back down to the phone in her lap, which was clearly her priority.

I briefly wondered what she could possibly be talking about that was worth her behavior. But it didn’t take long for me to realize I didn’t care. Sure, it could have been something important; but the odds are in my favor that it wasn’t.

I toyed with the idea of phoning the police and reporting her. I’m not inclined to call the police on people, but this woman is going to kill or hurt someone someday. If she only kills or hurts herself, we’ll be better off; but she won’t. She’ll run her car into someone else’s or a pedestrian walking along the road when she weaves over a curb while her attention’s somewhere else.

And it was while I was thinking about this possibility that I noticed the top of a child’s car seat through the rear window of the car. I suspect she doesn’t stop texting and driving while her son or daughter is in the car, why would she?

And I’m pretty sure I know who’s going to be hurt when this idiot does wreck her car.


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