My Daughter’s Art

My daughter has some of her art displayed at our local library. I’m proud of her. She’s involved in the art club at her school, which means another early morning for her (and Wendi).  The kiddo doesn’t seem to mind it…  But I’m not so sure about Wendi, on the other hand.

My kiddo’s always been artistic.  I’ve bought her no end of sketch books, crayons, and colored pencils over the years.  She likes to draw fashion and she’s asked for more than a few designer kits and stencils.  She has stencils and things to make textures on the clothes she designs.

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see her art on display at the library so on Sunday, we went up to the library to see it:


I thought she drew a picture featuring Pacman. She told me it was a horse carriage.



They were studying color wheels.



The angle was a little difficult for good photos.

There were some really interesting ones from the 6th grade classes too; I can’t imagine what she’ll manage to come up with next year.  We’ve continually been impressed with her school and the staff.

And, of course, since I’m proud of my kiddo… Did I mention my daughter’s art is on display in the local library?



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