The Day Before Christmas

T’was the day before Christmas
And all through the store
Everybody was shopping,
It was mayhem galore.

Kids dragged along
To the store with their mother
Were bumping and yelling
And running into each other

Packed in the aisles
Like sardines in a can
Everyone was jostling,
Every woman and man;

And hoping to get
That last gift just right
Before the store closed
At nine thirty that night.

My shopping was finished –
It was easy, I’m broke –
I only was here for a pack
Of caffeine-free Coke.

I’d obtained for my dad,
After searching near’n far,
A pine-scented fresh’ner
For use in his car.

For my mom I had bought
A shiny steel tin
That held a few mints
Safely there in.

A gas-station lighter
(On its side some crude joke)
For brother who’s cool,
But who’s too young to smoke.

The flashback thus finished
Of my shopping spree,
I focused attention
To what now affected me:

The checkouts lined up
In ranks by the door,
Yet just two were open
They didn’t open more.

The harried cashier
In lane number three
On her face an expression
Asking ‘please, just shoot me?’

The line there extended
Down an aisle to the side
And snaked back and forth
Like a Disneyland ride.

On seeing the queue
That would soon be my fate
I groaned deep inside, and
Thought I’d just wait

To pick up the drink
That I was here for
I turned and I got
The heck out of that store.


2 thoughts on “The Day Before Christmas

  1. matt Post author

    This comes from a tradition my dad and brothers and I have when we’re together: we would travel up to the local Wal-Mart and just watch ‘the mayhem’. This is one of my Christmas traditions; however that said, and having seen insanity like this during the ‘holiday season’, this isn’t autobiographical or anything like that.

  2. Carol Reamy

    I had to read what new thing you came up with..Dad says he may forgo the annual Christmas Walmart run–he saw enough mayhem downtown earlier today.


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