Snowy Mountains

Today we drove the 60-some miles north to Fort Collins.  We had to pick up a dressage saddle from a repair shop and Wendi wanted to visit with a friend of hers who runs a stained glass business in a neighboring town of Laporte.

Until the other day, it hadn’t snowed much this fall; that’s been unusual.  However, it definitely made up for it when it did snow.  We had about six inches at our place.  Though we enjoyed our quiet Christmas day in, and I worked from home the day after Christmas because of the heavy snowfall, we needed to get out.

My favorite treat in Lakewood is A Taste of Denmark‘s jalapeno, ham, and cheese croissant.  Their website needs a lot of work, but the croissants are perfect.  We started our day with a stop there, grabbed a coffee, then headed north.

On the way back on US 287, I asked Wendi to snap a couple of photos of the mountains.

 photo WP_20141227_004_zps45a0d2a1.jpg

 photo WP_20141227_005_zpsa49825a6.jpg

 photo WP_20141227_006_zpseb41c3cf.jpg

 photo WP_20141227_007_zps453f12ed.jpg


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