Bis Nächstes Jahr

Today is the last day of 2014. In every other aspect, it’s utterly ordinary. We’ll wake up, we’ll go to work, we’ll work, we’ll go home, we’ll complain about traffic, we’ll spend time with our loved ones, we’ll sleep. There is nothing special about this day.

Celebrating a lap of the sun is something that, barring death, is going to happen whether we put any thought or effort into it. We love to celebrate the end of the year as if it’s something we have had anything to do with.

My life presents itself with many opportunities to wipe the slate clean and make a new start; I don’t wait until the first of January to do that. Waiting until a new year to make a new start is foolish. Birthdays and anniversaries are more meaningful markers than arbitrarily assigned numbers on a calendar.

Significant things happen in any year, and 2014 wasn’t without those for me. Wendi and I celebrated our first marriage anniversary in 2014. My daughter turned a decade old (yikes). I started learning German. I’ve continued working in a fascinating field, and I’ve had a revelation about my own skills as a coder.

I challenged myself to be more active with this blog this year. On that score, 2014 was an unmitigated success. It didn’t escape my notice that, when I started sharing photos, my stats boomed. I guess taking and sharing photos is more appealing than listening to my ranting about politics. That probably won’t go away entirely. But through photography on here, I’ve made some awesome blogging acquaintances and have seen some amazing photos.

As Wendi and I have talked about moving to Germany at some point in the future, it’s been awesome to see my German visitors increase. I’m waiting for the day when I have more views from Deutschland than I do from the US (I thought I had it the other day, actually; but the US visitors overtook the Germans in the end). I don’t take for granted the interactions with any of my readers; but as I’m trying to master the German language, I appreciate those who are willing to indulge me on that. I look forward to more of that in the future.

So, we all have better things to do with this final day of 2014. I won’t keep you further.

Tchüss, 2014. Bis nächte Jahr.  Liebe Grüße.


2 thoughts on “Bis Nächstes Jahr

    1. matt Post author

      Danke, Frauke. Und wünsche ich derselbe dir und deiner Mann und Hunde. Ich gebe zu, ich verstehe nicht die Redewendung “guten Rutsch” im wörtlichen Sinn. Aber verstehe ich die Bedeutung in dem Satz.


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