New Year; New Resolve

Meine Frau schreibt nicht in Deutsch, aber mag ich was sie schreibt zu lesen.  Ich bin mißtrauisch von Polizeibehörde in dem USA (doch achte ich die Polizeibehörde in Lakewood, wenn nicht genau vertraue sie).  Anchorage Polizeibehörde scheint besonders scheiße zu sein.

Die Reise meine Frau und ich haben nach einander eingenommen war keine einfache Reise, aber bin ich sehr glücklich hier mit ihr sein.

Beyond Door 44

WP_20150102_002I stopped making New Year resolutions in 1998. That was the year that my home was burglarized and vandalized by a ring of teen-age thugs roaming the streets of Anchorage, AK. You can’t know the violation of that sort of thing unless you’ve experienced it personally.

I arrived home from work one day and realized immediately that something was wrong. My apartment smelled like bleach, and although nothing registered as being obviously out of place, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. As I looked around, the first thing I noticed missing was my saxophone, which I kept on a stand near the hearth of my fireplace. The moment I realized that someone had been in my apartment, I went to the hiding spot where I kept my gun. It, too, was gone. At that point, panic set in, and I called 911.

After reporting the burglary…

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