Through The Windshield: Clouds On A Mountain

For new year’s, Wendi and I delivered a dishwasher to her mother.  Yeah, I know: we have an enviable party lifestyle.  January first broke clear from the gray overcast we’d been sitting under for what seemed like all of last week.  But it was a short-lived bit of sun.  Before the day was over, we were driving through five inches of snow.

Before that happened, though, I saw these clouds over this mountain.  It’s actually the same place on the motorway that I saw the Dr. Seuss Clouds.



Barely visible in this photo is the front that dropped snow all over Colorado Springs and Castle Rock.


The south side of Colorado Springs (this is Cheyenne Mountain) before the temp dropped and the snow started flying.


One of these days, I’m sure I’m going to drop my mobile phone out of the window trying to capture a shot on the go.


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