The news is full of horrible stories lately. There’s so much anger and bad news and people stirring it up as click bait. Good news doesn’t sell; I get it. But I, for one, am tired of it. If I didn’t have any moral compass, I’m sure I could stir it up with the best of them. But I do have a moral code that I choose to live by. The media spreads the Ugly pretty thick because that’s the business they’re in.

What I have here is, I hope, and antidote for all that. When you’re finished reading the news, when you’ve finished absorbing all the hate and anger and hopelessness that the news brings you… Have a look at some Anti-Ugly.

I hope it helps.

 photo IMG_3948_zps06529e52.jpg

 photo IMG_3953_zps4bd1e443.jpg

 photo IMG_3957_zps04857316.jpg

 photo IMG_3949_zps9c3acd51.jpg

If that’s not enough Anti-Ugly for you, there’s some more here, here, here and here.


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