Light Trails

My daughter and I were visiting my parents a couple of years ago. My parents live in a small town in southern Colorado. When I was learning how to use my camera, I went to my parents’s house. There is less light pollution there. I started learning photography because I wanted to take pictures of the stars. Less light pollution is useful.

My parents live on a hill that overlooks Main Street. Anastasia came outside with me and was asking a lot of questions about photography. Together we took a few pictures of light trails.

 photo Trinidad20120824019_zpsccc73ceb.jpg

 photo Trinidad20120824020_zpsdb252959.jpg

After, we went downtown for more pictures. I think she liked taking pictures of light trails. Until she got bored.

 photo Trinidad20120824043_zps711233ed.jpg

 photo Trinidad20120824038_zps4d2fa892.jpg

These photos have ghost cars in them.

 photo Trinidad20120824033_zpsffa01861.jpg

 photo Trinidad20120824031_zpse0b86496.jpg

The pictures were fun to do, but what was better was the time I spent with my daughter. She is very special.

Lesen Sie in Deutsch.


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