Snow Covered Mountains

When my friend Jim still lived in Colorado we had a tradition. On President’s Day, we would drive to Cripple Creek. We had been friends since high school. After many years we discovered we both were living in Colorado Springs.

Cripple Creek sits to the west of Colorado Springs in the Mountains. We would go in February and never knew if the roads would be clear or snow-covered and icy.

The last time we went to Cripple Creek, I took a few photos. The mountains look very nice: snow-covered mountains against a blue sky.

 photo IMG_9156_zpsdf7eed3a.jpg

The small town in the foreground is Cripple Creek. It is really small. There are only casinos, no other businesses.

 photo IMG_9164_zps6d315204.jpg

And this is Pikes Peak. The road visible in the picture is a part of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

 photo IMG_9150_zps3a5950c8.jpg

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6 thoughts on “Snow Covered Mountains

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    1. matt Post author

      Thanks for that. I appreciate the compliment. I wish I could take credit for the mountains, too.. 🙂


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