My daughter and I like to go to the zoo. We often went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. Anastasia likes the animals and I like to photograph them.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is great. There is a lot of up hill walking, but it’s called Cheyenne Mountain for a reason.

We began with the wildest animal in the zoo.

 photo IMG_1370_zps55975507.jpg

From the ski lift we look down on the Tiger. The tiger is difficult to see from the path. Tigers hide really well.

 photo IMG_1325_zps19eecf76.jpg

The zebras in the USA are spoiled compared to the zebras in Africa. Here they have shade.

 photo IMG_1389_zpsa6b8dd4c.jpg

Anastasia likes to feed the giraffes. That makes them thirsty.

 photo IMG_1357_zpsb622ddea.jpg

 photo IMG_1342_zpsfe373659.jpg

Elephants are fascinating. I think they are among my favorite zoo animals.

 photo IMG_1404_zps7b1a9c51.jpg

 photo IMG_1415_zpsbc40fc17.jpg

 photo IMG_1439_zpse5d92673.jpg

In German.


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