Fall In Colorado

Fall in Colorado is marvelous. I don’t like that the summer is ending, but the trees are many colors and look amazing. The end of a season is the start of another

 photo 20120929Hwy12061_zps79d351d5.jpg

 photo 20120929Hwy12130_zps580924cf.jpg

When I was a boy, my family drove the Highway of Legends in the fall to look at the colors. My parents did everyting to ensure we had good memories. Now the drive has different goals for me. I see everything with an eye for pictures.

 photo 20120929Hwy12181_zpsd181f9f2.jpg

 photo 20120929Hwy12017_zps7ef5b46b.jpg

The stone wall is a landmark along the highway. A little further is a lake where a lot of people go fishing. I have no patience for fishing, but the lake is pretty.

 photo 20120929Hwy12160_zpsde75b8b7.jpg

 photo 20120929Hwy12149_zps9bd62d42.jpg

 photo 20120929Hwy12139_zpsf536d177.jpg

 photo 20120929Hwy12076_zps51c956d7.jpg

This deer was suspicious but he was still for me.

 photo 20120929Hwy12117_zps4c4916d2.jpg

In Deutsch.


2 thoughts on “Fall In Colorado

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  2. Carol Reamy

    As always, I love your pictures. Thanks for recognizing that we tried to create good memories. Dad and I still make the drive–and always stop at the Shopping Bag to eat. We took your daughter with us once…saw the deer and the Stonewall and she had the “best hot dog I ever ate!” Good memories for mom.


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