Tinkering With Photoshop

About all of the post processing I do usually consists of fixing red eye. This week, I was playing around with Photoshop and RAW Therapee (Thanks for the tip, Wolke). One of the biggest reasons I don’t do much post processing is because I’ve never had the patience to learn how to do it.

These aren’t perfect, but for a night of messing about with Photoshop and getting my feet wet with some new techniques. What do you think? Any pointers?

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

Morley Church

Morley Church

Coke Ovens, Cokedale, CO

Coke Ovens, Cokedale, CO

7 thoughts on “Tinkering With Photoshop

  1. fredonnezmoi

    Thanks for these pictures ! The “Coke Ovens”, please, what is it about these ancient-building-like remains ?
    Michel šŸ™‚

  2. Carol Reamy

    I’m not quite sure what you did to the Morley church photo, but I really like the effect. I like the others too (as always). I was wondering how it would turn out if you highlighted just the coke ovens. It would be cool if you could do a whole series on Cokedale and the other leftover remnants from glory days of yore. Between nature’s reclamation process and modern updating to livable conditions, the past is being eroded away. You have an eye for the unique and unusual so I bet you could find some awesome shots.

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