A Horse of Many Colors

I went out and took some photos yesterday. It was a gray and sort of monochromatic day, but I wanted a few new photos to work with.

This is the original image:

 photo HorseColor_zpsf0f381ed.jpg

I used RAW Therapee to do this crop and black and white.

 photo IMG_6438_zps8956b86d.jpg

I used RAW Therapee to do this too. It was an unexpected result, and not one I would normally keep, but I figured it was interesting enough to show.

 photo PurpleHorse_zps632699a3.jpg

I’m not sure how long I’ll continue to play around with post processing my photos, but I’m enjoying the learning process.


6 thoughts on “A Horse of Many Colors

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks, Frauke. I’m starting to get comfortable with RAW Therapee, though there are some things I am more familiar with in PhotoShop. I really like that RAW Therapee is non-destructive. 😃. Thanks again for pointing me to it.

      1. wolke205

        That s why I like it so much (non-destructive) 🙂 I don’t have much experience with PhotoShop. I think it s great to create the perfect advertising, but many people use it way too much 😉

        1. matt Post author

          PhotoShop, like everything else Adobe makes, is also ludicrously expensive, bloated, and slow.

          I agree… Too many photos are over processed. I think if the photo isn’t good from the get go, no amount of editing can change that.


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