Eine Brücke im Wald

Die Brücke ist nicht zu fern im Wald. Anastasia und ich fahren mit Fahrräder dort wann das Wetter ist warm. Sie war heute mein Assistent und wir haben im schneebedeckte Baumen spaziert für diese Bilder.

 photo IMG_6464_zps851b28b1.jpg

 photo IMG_6467_zpsbcd7a75b.jpg

 photo IMG_6504_zps53fb5bf4.jpg

A Bridge in the Woods

Okay, so the bridge isn’t really (that far) in the woods. Anastasia and I ride our bikes down here as it’s part of the Bear Creek Trail system we use when it’s warm. She was my helpful assistant and we strolled through snow-covered trees for these pictures.

2 thoughts on “Eine Brücke im Wald

  1. sabbyj

    Appreciate the Deutsch texts! I started learning the language about two months ago and can now understand most of what you wrote 😀 yay!

    1. matt Post author

      I’m learning German as well. This is one way for me to continue learning. I’m sure the German posts are full of mistakes, but I’ll get better.
      Danke dür zu lesend


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