A Bridge in the Woods (B & W)

RAWTherapee, an open source photo editing tool for RAW images, has a really cool Black and White feature. I don’t claim to be a RAWTherapee expert; I only recently found out about the tool, actually.

But it does have a great approach to image processing. Unlike Photoshop, RAWTherapee is nondestructive. Edits are stored then images are placed in a queue to be processed. Then the converted images are put in a new folder. And since it’s open source, it costs approximately $75,000 less than Photoshop.

Now for all I know of photo editing, RAWTherapee might be able to do all of what Photoshop does; but that’s not really the purpose. I never liked the results of the Monochrome settings on my photos. I’d get black and white images, but they weren’t the same. My blogger friend Wolke gets amazing schwarz und weiße Bilder. Now I won’t say I’ve managed to get results as good as those, but I’m working on it.

 photo IMG_6464_zps005b3325.jpg

 photo IMG_6467_zpsee24bb3f.jpg

 photo IMG_6504_zpscb945da8.jpg

2 thoughts on “A Bridge in the Woods (B & W)

  1. wolke205

    Thanks for that 😀 I m glad you like my b/w photos 🙂 It just takes a bit time to find out how it s the best, but as I can see it works good for you and your photos 🙂


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