Last Saturdaz I got up early. I wanted to photograph something good, but I didn’t know what. I drove randomly along Bear Creek Trail. On the other side of Wadsworth is a bridge for pedestrians and bicycles. Under that bridge is the world’s shortest waterfall.

Long-exposure images are cool, but when it’s sunny it’s difficult to estimate the correct values. I also used a neutral-density filter, but the picture was still exposed too long. I almost deleted the image because I thought that it was a bad image. I thought there was no hope for it.

 photo IMG_6541-unedited_zps432bc679.jpg

However, I was wrong. With the software for the camera, I could fix it. Here is the image after some editing.

 photo IMG_6541_zps78f90d1c.jpg

What do you think?

Lesen Sie es in Deutsch.

One thought on “Overexposed!

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