An Unhappy Cat

 photo IMG_6587_zps89ecd3a2.jpg

Rose is usually a happy cat. She likes to be around her people. In the evenings after dinner when Wendi and I are sitting on the couch, she curls up between us. For a little while, she sleeps next to Wendi then next to me. I think she likes to be near Wendi more; she sits more still than I do.

Sometimes Rose has no interest in being in pictures. And she’s not subtle about letting us know. Like in these photos.

 photo IMG_6588_zpsf58132ab.jpg

 photo IMG_6590_zps5e84672f.jpg

 photo IMG_6589_zps5b52f379.jpg


9 thoughts on “An Unhappy Cat

          1. Marc-André

            Ah the way I do it is at your photo with a link back to your own blog. Each week we feature 10 cat tummies with links to their respective blogs 🙂

          2. matt Post author

            I checked it out and submitted. I don’t really have a funny story about that photo and Rose; however you can use: Rose is pointy at five of her six ends so giving in to temptation and rubbing her tummy usually results in bites, scratches, and indignant tail swishing. None of which stop me from doing it.

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