A Bridge and A Waterfall

Despite the cold weather yesterday morning, my daughter and I rode our bikes along Bear Creek Trail. I wanted to get pictures of this bridge. Bikes are faster than walking; there are no streets near the bridge.

Anastasia is very patient with me when we go for photos. Sometimes she becomes the subject of the photos and sometimes she wants to take her own. But almost always she waits for me patiently to be finished taking pictures. These times with my daughter are very special to me.

This evening I uploaded a few pictures to 500px.com. They are the black and white versions of these color photos.

 photo IMG_6657_zps7527455c.jpg

 photo IMG_6639_zps376e74cd.jpg

 photo IMG_6653_zps3519be08.jpg

Lesen Sie es in Deutsch.


4 thoughts on “A Bridge and A Waterfall

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  2. Carol Reamy

    Love the photos. Your post reminded me of the time we drove up Hwy 12 together. That is a very special memory for me. You got some fantastic photos that day too–the fall colors, the deer, the wild turkey, the clouds,
    and the Stonewall but one of my favorites was of the dried mud–just because it was so unique.


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