Pine Needles and Snow

In the beginning of Febrary, there was only a little snow. Nothing like February should be in concept: cold, snowy and bleak. This Febrary was warm and sunny for the first half.

The last two weekends, though, we’ve had snow. As if it were Febrary! With the snow comes the ice as well. Snow is pretty, but I like the snow in the mountains. In the city, the snow makes a mess. With so many incompetent drivers in the snow, it is especially messy. I think it’s strange, since the snow comes every year, people are so helpless when it snows.

Despite everything, the snow presents opportunities for photos. There are a lot of pine trees in Colorado and a few near my apartment. Snow and pine needles together make for pretty pictures, I think. Almost like Christmas (only better since there’s no commercialism).

What do you think?

 photo IMG_6756-low_zpsf3f8241b.jpg

Lesen Sie es bitte in Deutsch.


One thought on “Pine Needles and Snow

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