The Streetlamp at the Park

My daughter has been wanting to go to the park, but it’s been so cold and snowy here that it’s hard for me to be motivated to take her. She’s growing up so quickly and part of me thinks she’s old enough to go on her own. She has to learn at some point, right? But given the Big Brother society we live in, the world of if you see something, say something, the world where the government has the kidnapping market cornered… I don’t want to risk it.

Plus, I really enjoy simply being with her. She’s eleven now; I don’t know how much longer she’ll let me just be with her.

I’ve become more serious about my photography lately, as I may have mentioned a time or two here; I’ve been taking my camera everywhere. I took these pictures at the park while the kiddo played on the swings.

I don’t think these are particularly awesome photos, but I like them. When I would watch movies growing up, there would always seem to be a scene where a sniper is aiming at his target, and the focus of the shot would go from the target to the sights, or vice versa.

 photo IMG_7026_zpsnocusweo.jpg

 photo IMG_7025_zpswqkksuht.jpg


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