Fishers Peak – Another Angle

Yesterday, I posted a couple of photos of Fishers Peak from the “front”, the side of it that I’m most familiar with. The mountain sits south of Trinidad and it’s a fairly defining landscape feature of the area.

These are photos of the back side, my wife’s favorite view of the mountain. She spent a lot of time as a kid on a ranch on the backside of Fishers Peak and this is the view that she thinks of as home. It’s interesting to me how the varying perspectives give the mountain such different appearances.

 photo IMG_7533_zpsypqg0h1v.jpg

 photo IMG_7530_zpsnhypfv9k.jpg

 photo IMG_7535_zpsoeahnr1a.jpg

One thought on “Fishers Peak – Another Angle

  1. Carol Reamy

    I have long been fascinated that Fisher’sPeak can look so different from its many angles. These are great pictures.


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