Two More Days

I think that my patience is shorter now; because in two days, I will no longer be commuting to work in Denver. Two more days. Two more days behinds slow drivers on Garrison Road who take 20 minutes to drive 6 miles. I have only two more days to crawl with heavy traffic to the interstate. Then watch as the people drive like idiots in the wrong lane. To them, every day is the first day of commuting to work. Because they don’t pay attention to anything.

I know it’s something that plagues almost all Americans: they can’t drive. They are too busy with their mobile phones in the car to drive. Never mind it’s unsafe. Never mind the car is deadly when improperly used. I think they are all trying to kill me. (Because it’s all about me?)

But there is good news. Next week, I start a new job. The new job is in Colorado Springs, which means, I have to drive to Colorado Springs. Despite that, it seems to be a good choice for my family as well. The job seems cool and so do the people there. And I don’t have to drive in downtown Denver!

There are other challenges, I know. The drivers will be different but the stupidity is the same. Und I’ll be in the car more. But maybe not for long. There are many unknowns, but one definite: I only have to commute in Denver to two more days.

Lesen Sie es auf Deutsch.

2 thoughts on “Two More Days

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