Random Observations

Today, I have a few random observations to offer. And a couple of photos. The photos, like the random observations, don’t seem to be enough for a post of their own. Was denkt euch?

The Last Day

It’s the last day of my current job; I’m looking forward to my new gig. The drive down to Colorado Springs, as I talked about yesterday (Deutsch, English) might be as frustrating, but I doubt it: Driving to Denver was never as frustrating as it was when I got here, when I was doing the commute the other direction.

Of course, there were other circumstances then as well: There was a massive effort to widen the highway between Colorado Springs and Monument. That definitely added an element of frustration (and there was also a huge forest fire along my route as well, that didn’t help either, especially paired with the construction).

So while I won’t claim I’ll always be able to handle the drive more gracefully this time around… I’m going to try a little bit harder.

Fast Food Strikes

I think these idiot fast food workers on strike for 15 bucks an hour are definitely helping Americans. Would be fast food customers who can’t get a Supersized Big Mac and Fries (with a Diet Coke of course) are the real winners here. If they pull up to their local fast food chain and the employees are throwing sniveling temper tantrums in the car park, the would be customer has pushed his or her McHeart Attack back another day.


Because I didn’t think I should blather on for a couple of days in a row without posting a photo of something. These photos are from Rainbow Falls, but show the top and the bottom of the falls.

 photo IMG_7226_zpsn7zzgbno.jpg

What I like about this one is the wispy strands that are behind the main waterfall (to the right as you look at it). The water in those streams will still get to the river, but they’re not surrounded by all the craziness of the main falls.

 photo IMG_7229_zps3edasftd.jpg

This rock splits the flow and in the main photos the water over it seems to give this rock a halo.

My Crated Gallery

Speaking of photos, the prices of all of the pictures in my Crated Gallery have been reduce for a short time.

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