RAW Therapee Experiments

Today I’m posting my first experiment with trying to get a Sepia tone on one my photos. You’ve seen this photo before here, but I was thinking that this photo might lend itself well to a sepia-toned image as well. Yes, I know: How cliché is that? Well, very, as it turns out; but it’s my blog and I’ll cliché if I want. But I promise I’ll try not to do it too often.

For comparison, I posted the photo in Schwarz und Weiß too.

Schwarz und Weiß

Schwarz und Weiß

And now:



Tell me what you think? Is it too bright, too yellow? Does it look like someone spread mustard (real mustard, not that neon yellow stuff Americans think is mustard) on the black and white one? Any tips? I’m using RAW Therapee for this, so if you have an awesome Sepia tip, I’d love to hear it.



4 thoughts on “RAW Therapee Experiments

  1. skisloski

    Awesome photo – the composition is great. I really enjoy the B+W one. I do think the sepia is maybe too ‘yellow’? I would try for half way between B+W and the sepia, and maybe increase the black point a bit. The composition on this photo is really nice though.

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