Bailey, Colorado

Wendi and I drove down Highway 285 Saturday. It was a fairly pleasant drive out of Denver (incidentally, we spend a lot of time driving out of Denver — I think that reveals how much we actually enjoy living in the metro area). The skies were blue and the roads were sort of clear: Melting snow left a lot of wet spots on the road.

But the further South down Highway 285 we got, and the higher into the mountains we climbed the worse the weather got. First it got grey, then it got snowy, and then the roads got icy. Our original plan was to go down Hwy 285 to Fairplay, then turn east and head into Colorado Springs via Highway 24. We’d done that route before.

We decided to turn around a bit beyond Bailey, CO. I saw an opportunity to snag a couple of photos; the water in Bailey was churned up pretty good, so it was murky and brown. It made a pretty stark contrast to the snow along the banks.




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