Burn Scar

The fire in Waldo Canyon held seige to the city of Colorado Springs int the Summer of 2012. For almost a month the fire burned. Houses in the city burned. That was discouraging for those of us watching.

I was prepared to evacuate my house because the fire was close to it. The office where I worked was in the evacuation zone. I couldn’t even go to work.

That was a few years ago. Now the hills show the scar from the fire. Trees which burned in the fire look naked. It’s a sad reminder, like a specter that watches over the city below.

 photo IMG_7698_zps5gqq5lra.jpg

 photo IMG_7693_zps1sbvim7i.jpg

 photo IMG_7708_zpsrkmvexjx.jpg

 photo IMG_7694_zpsmxrtqkvm.jpg

 photo IMG_7703_zpsesxglst5.jpg

 photo IMG_7710_zps9zvdrnts.jpg

Despite the trauma to the city and its inhabitants, life finds a way. The fire isn’t the end. The fire is only the beginning.

 photo IMG_7697_zps7oorxyfl.jpg

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5 thoughts on “Burn Scar

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  2. Carol Reamy

    wow, Matt . You got some really good pictures. I remember driving up there on what turned out to be first day of the fire and seeing the smoke–as white as clouds.

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