The Church At Morley

As a kid in the small town of Trinidad in southern Colorado, I didn’t care about the local history. Trinidad was too small for me. And it still is.

Along the highway between Trinidad and New Mexico sits the town of Morley. It is more a ghost town than a town. The remains of the town overlook the highway.

The most prominent feature is the church. Since I was a kid, this is how I remember the church at Morley:

 photo IMG_7137_zpsa59d1797.jpg

We drove along the highway and the church was a landmark, but that’s all it was.

Wendi and I drove to the site of Morley for photos. I had never been there before. The wind blew through the trees. And the sound of the cars on the highway below seemed very far away. We were all alone with the ghosts in the church in the Town of Morley.

 photo IMG_7468_zpsnmazkztk.jpg

 photo IMG_7475_zpseilpcexy.jpg

 photo IMG_7464_zps1vel2vpd.jpg

Sprechen Sie kein Englisch? Lesen Sie es auf Deutsch.


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