Clear Blue Sky, Snow-covered Mountain

On Monday the weather was gray and unfriendly. The weather forecast called for snow above 6,000 feet. Almost all of my drive is above 6,000 feet. I left for work early on Tuesday morning.

There wasn’t any snow along the highway, but the sky was hazy. When I arrived in Colorado Springs, I saw the new snow on Pikes Peak.

The sky was so blue and clear. It was a sharp contrast to the snow on the mountains. I don’t have any photos of it, but the snow stopped in a sharp line on the side of the mountains. It was beautiful. And peaceful, too; despite the other commuters. I would like to think that they were grateful as well for the view… but I think that they didn’t take any notice.

After I arrived at work, I took these pictures. I am lucky to have a view like that.

 photo IMG_7819-dl_zpskq0mxlbp.jpg

 photo IMG_7815-dl_zpsrjku5u3y.jpg

 photo IMG_7812-dl_zpsy1llw5h4.jpg

 photo IMG_7811-dl_zpsw3aa7lii.jpg

 photo IMG_7810-dl_zps2tlhr1dr.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Clear Blue Sky, Snow-covered Mountain

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