Look Twice At This Idiot

Ah summer. The time of year when drivers are constantly reminded to Look Twice for motorcyclists. I’m not a fan of this campaign, as I’ve mentioned before. I don’t think Motorcyclists should be given a pass on stupid behavior; and I think this campaign does exactly that.

Look (Twice) at this idiot:


I took this yesterday morning while waiting at a red light.

It had rained all night, 3 inches or so, and yet this guy made the conscious decision to go out in it on his bike. No amount of Looking Twice is going to repair this level of stupid.

It’s also not going to fix the stupid I saw a couple of weeks ago where a motorcyclist (on a sport bike, naturally) was weaving in and through traffic at least half as fast again as traffic was moving. Look Twice isn’t going to keep that idiot from ruining someone’s driving record.

I understand that not all motorcyclists are stupid just as I understand that bad drivers exist in or on vehicles of all types. There are plenty of bad car drivers too. But there aren’t any special responsibility-alleviating campaigns for them. You just have to deal with the lot you were gifted when you got on the road. Motorcyclists shouldn’t be the exception to this. They shouldn’t put their lives into the hands of anyone else; and when you do stupid things like driving a motorcycle in a visibility-slaughtering downpour… well, it’s really your own fault if something happens to you.

I know it’s unpopular to be advocating for individual responsibility in today’s American society, but I’m not going to stop doing it just because it’s uncomfortable.

5 thoughts on “Look Twice At This Idiot

  1. Human Interest

    Look twice my ass, the legislators should kiss our ass on this one. This dude shouldn’t even be out there on his bike…

    1. matt Post author

      Definitely. Given the visibility on the freeway, looking twice wouldn’t have made him any more visible anyway.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Dennis Wagoner

    I have never let our kids ride on a motorcycle, even as a passenger. I hope that stays with them into adulthood. When I see pictures like this, I cringe that my kids will be sharing the roads with this kind of mentality.

    1. matt Post author

      I do as well. Already I point out people doing stupid things on the road to my daughter, and ask her to think through the situation.

      The entitlement mentality we have in our country is appalling.


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