The Price of the Shot

I was driving to work on Tuesday, and I saw this guy going south through Sedalia. Passing through there, the little town on Hwy 85 seems like a good place to take photos of trains since the North and South rails are close together. I pulled over, and scrambled up the embankment on which the northbound rail is laid. The embankment is a lot steeper than it looks, and taller, too: perhaps 8-10 feet. I took my photos and started back down.

My feet gave up on my about two feet down the embankment and decided to go on ahead without the rest of me. I hit the ground hard, and slid the rest of the way down to the ditch. My camera suffered some road rash, and I was worried the rest of the day that I had grass stains on my jeans.




3 thoughts on “The Price of the Shot

    1. matt Post author

      In der Tat! Mit Glück wie das, ich denke, es ist gut, ich bin nicht ein Kriegsfotograf. 😁

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