Die Züge in der Regen

Gestern war der Regen so heftig! Die Fahrt war schwer im die anhaltende Regenfälle. Die Sichtweite war nicht weit, und es gab viele Idioten. Aber ich habe ein paar Züge gesehen.

Ich bin sehr naß in den Regen geworden, aber für meine Leser, nichts ist zu gut für mich zu tun. Euch sind toll. Danke für lesend.

Yesterday the drive to work was difficult because of the never-ending, heavy rainfall. Visibility was pretty poor and there were many idiots out. But I saw a few trains.

I got very wet from the rain, but for my readers: nothing is too good for me to do. Thanks for reading.

 photo IMG_9368_zpsrnum14no.jpg

 photo IMG_9367_zpscfigx5wk.jpg

 photo IMG_9373_zpsmzcxiwjv.jpg

 photo IMG_9376_zpsvxcktd7s.jpg

 photo IMG_9375_zpsmnw0f1pu.jpg


2 thoughts on “Die Züge in der Regen

  1. Carol Reamy

    I especially love the one where the train is visible through the trees. Also the ones with all the greenery around the train. Striking.

    1. matt Post author

      I almost rejected that one with the train in the trees, but I liked it too. Palmer Lake sucks for drivers, but is awesome for rail fans.


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