BNSF 4308 In Greenland, CO

Two slightly different versions of the same shot. I took this photo in between the north and south lines at the Noe Road crossing in Greenland.

The first uses the Portrait setting:

 photo IMG_9448-dp_zpspgynzxvg.jpg

The second uses the Landscape:

 photo IMG_9448-dl_zps1nrgczje.jpg

The colors of the locomotive (and everything else) are more vibrant using the landscape setting; but the portrait setting is closer to the actual lighting when I took the photo. I liked the result of both, but would love your opinions and preferences.


2 thoughts on “BNSF 4308 In Greenland, CO

  1. buddy71

    I tend to lean towards a more vibrant color, thus I have all my cameras set that way and may edit them for contrast and brightness t get a more saturated color. I also will under expose a bit to get the more saturated color that I like. I use to shoot slide film and would use fujichrome for greens/reds and Kodak ecktachrome for the deeper blues. so now that I shoot digital, I try to capture that feeling. so I like the second shot better

    1. matt Post author

      I was travelling and didn’t get to respond sooner. I appreciate the reasoning behind your response. I can see why you’d pick the second one. I typically only ask if I like both versions equally, for different reasons (as I mentioned).

      Thanks for participating!


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