McPherson, KS

As I mentioned in my fireworks post, we drove out to McPherson, KS to spend the Independence Day holiday with family. My brother and his wife have lived there for a while, and this wasn’t my first visit to Mac. While I have made efforts to get photos there, I actually had more time to do that this time. And I got a lot of great photos.

Aside from the fireworks, the first batch of McPherson photos showcase this place’s agricultural and light industrial roots.

 photo IMG_9594_zpsmpm823j0.jpg

 photo IMG_9602_zpsdv0orppz.jpg

 photo IMG_9630-dl_zpsugkpynay.jpg

The park had a great park bench swing. Wendi and I sat on this for a while.

 photo IMG_9657_zpspetwm2xh.jpg

 photo IMG_9620-dl_zpsx2ccfqey.jpg

 photo IMG_9673_zps2yr8mpsl.jpg

The park also had this great fountain:

 photo IMG_9668_zpsg9ouzhwx.jpg

 photo IMG_9667_zpsfakhkixp.jpg

And despite my repeated claims to the contrary, I think Mac was a pretty neat little town.


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