Hutchison Airport Part 1

Over the 4th of July holiday, we drove out to McPherson, Kansas. My mom kidnapped our daughter for some pool time with Grammy; and since there’s not really a lot in McPherson, Wendi and I drove down to Hutchison. I’ve been to Hutchison before; the Kansas Cosmosphere is there, and that was a great place.

We didn’t go to the Cosmosphere, but I was hoping to get some shots of some trains next to the massive grain silos. What we found instead was Hutchison airport. There were several aircraft out on the apron. We wandered around and took some photos.

 photo IMG_9761_zpsphqyewx4.jpg

 photo IMG_9693_zpseh1rql5v.jpg

 photo IMG_9692_zpsm18angmk.jpg

 photo IMG_9733_zpsflu6wxz2.jpg

 photo IMG_9742_zpsf4dspqwt.jpg

 photo IMG_9759_zpshds6efc4.jpg

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