BNSF 5658

As I’ve mentioned, we moved out of Lakewood this weekend, and are now living again in Colorado Springs. Wendi has talked about the duality of this move, but was too kind to mention that this also the second place I’ve asked her to live that she had previously said she didn’t want to live. We definitely needed to be in Lakewood the time that we were there, but as soon as it was apparent we should be somewhere else, it didn’t take long for the dominos to start falling.

As this is the first day driving to work as a resident of Colorado Springs, I thought I’d post the last photos I took of a train on my commute. I rarely saw trains on the northbound side, but I saw this one about 10 miles south of where these photos were taken. Coming north over monument pass and just before the final drop to Larkspur, I saw the tail end of this train (the KCS locomotive) also making the final descent into Larkspur.

There was a pull off along the frontage road, and I waited for him there.

Now that I will no longer be commuting to Colorado Springs along the Colorado Joint Line doesn’t mean I won’t be posting train photos. The railroad tracks aren’t far, and I’m already planning a few shots. And since the rail yards here aren’t horrible to get to (like they were in Denver), I may try to get some down there too. And Palmer Lake, Larkspur… these places aren’t that far away.


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