Die Giraffen an Cheyenne-Berg Zoo.


(Scroll for English translation).

Die Ausstellung der Giraffen am Cheyenne-Berg Zoo macht Spaß. Die Giraffen weiß, dass die Besucher Essen haben. (Am Zoo das Giraffenessen ist Blattsalat). Die Giraffen versammeln nahe zur Hochgehweg, und verpflegen die Touristen die Giraffen. Ich werde keine Kommentare über die Praxis machen. Meine Tochter mag die Giraffen verpflegen, also ich nichts gegenüber sagen kann.

Giraffen sind großartig in Gefangenschaft, so schön. Ich denke, in das Wild, sie fantastisch sein müssen.

Ich mag auch die Giraffenausstellung, weil es keinen Hindernis zwischen die Tiere und die Objektiv gibt.

The giraffe exhibit at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is fun. The giraffes know the visitors have food (at the zoo, the giraffe food is lettuce). The giraffes congregate near the elevated walkway, and the tourists feed them. I won’t make comments on the practice. My daughter likes to feed the giraffes, so I can’t say anything against it.

Giraffes in captivity are magnificent, so beautiful. I think in the wild, they must be fantastic.

I also like the giraffe exhibition because there is no fence between the animals and the lens.

Hier ist der Gesichtsausdruck von eine Giraffe, wann es kein Essen von einem Tourist gibt. Ich habe ein bisschen gelacht (Ich war der Tourist ohne Essen). Er scheint unbeeindruckt.

Here is the expression of a giraffe when there is no food from a tourist. I laughed a little (I was the tourist without food). He seems unimpressed.


4 thoughts on “Die Giraffen an Cheyenne-Berg Zoo.

  1. girlgonelondon

    I love that your daughter loves to feed them–I’ve done it once and their tongues are so slobbery and strange-feeling, but my boyfriend is obsessed with feeding them. Have you tried it?

    1. matt Post author

      I have tried it, but not recently. She’s been feeding giraffes at the zoo for years, though. When she still lived with her mother and I’d only get her on weekends, it was a great place for us to go and spend time together; and I always made sure she got to feed them.

      They are stunning, beautiful animals. These ones are pretty expressive too (as you can see).


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