Die Schildkröte Und Die Gorillas


Wann wir am der Zoo waren, war ich wie einem Kind. (Ich weiß, das ist nicht ungewöhnlich). Ich mag den Zoo. Die Tiere sind mir faszinierend. Wann wir zu das Haustierlager gehen, mag ich immer an die Schildkröten zu sichten. Diese Schildkröte hat mehr Raum zu wandern, und ist er natürlich größer. Doch was ist komisch, ist er schnell auch! Ich will es nicht zugeben, aber war er fast zu schnell zu fotografieren.

When we were at the zoo, I was like a child. (I know, this isn’t unusual). I like the Zoo. The animals are fascinating to me. When we go the pet store, I always like to look at the turtles. This tortoise has more room to roam, and he is bigger of course. But what’s funny is he was also fast! I don’t want to admit it, but he was almost too fast to photograph.

Kürzlich der Silberrückengorilla an dem Zoo war einschläfern. Das machte mich traurig zu hören. Ich will zu glauben, die andere Gorillas ihn vermissen. Ich vermisse ihm.

Recently the silverback gorilla at the zoo was put down. It made me sad to hear. I want to believe the other gorillas miss him. I miss him.


2 thoughts on “Die Schildkröte Und Die Gorillas

  1. skisloski

    I love going to the zoo as well, although I often feel bad for the animals being confined to unnaturally small spaces. That’s pretty sad about the gorillas – I think you captured their feelings well.

    1. matt Post author

      I was sad to hear of it as well. The gorillas are impressive, and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has been continually making improvements to the habitats here, thankfully.

      I love the zoo; but as an adult, I often wonder about the enclosures… I guess I want my cake and eat it too: It’d be nice for the animals to have their freedoms AND be able to see them when I wanted to!


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