Water Droplets


At the end of a wet work day, I thought I’d poke around in the riverbed next to the office building for a little bit to see if there was anything to photograph. I found a small collection of water droplets on a leaf. I don’t have a macro lens, or much experience with macro photography at all, so I snagged this with my 50mm f/1.8.

Nach ein nassen Arbeitstag, erforschte ich das Flussbett neben dem Amt für Fotomöglichkeiten. Ich entdeckte ein Sammeln von Wasser-Tröpfchen auf ein Blatt. Ich habe eine Makroobjektiv nicht, und habe ich keine Erfahrung mit Makrofotografie, also ich es mit meine 50mm f/1.8 Objektiv fotografierte.

15 thoughts on “Water Droplets

  1. Dennis Wagoner

    These pictures look great. The water droplet pictures are great opportunities because you see those little bits of refraction in the droplet.

    I don’t have a macro lens either and I don’t plan on getting one. I use an 18-200mm telephoto zoom for all of my macro photos on bugs and flowers.

      1. Dennis Wagoner

        Thank you Matt. I think the macro shots of the bugs are more a function of patience and being where the bugs are! And sometimes the bugs just don’t cooperate!

    1. matt Post author

      I’m not sure I want to give you guys all of our wet weather, but I certainly know you can use it! :/

      Thanks, Jessica! 🙂

      1. Jessica

        I didn’t mean *all* of it… Just something to get us started! 😛 I read an article today that said California has a 12 trillion gallon water deficit and that it would take three years of above average rainfall to make it up. Sounds like we’re going to be stuck in this drought for a while. :/

          1. Jessica

            I’m not surprised. California would have landslides galore if we got that much water at once. That much water wouldn’t do *anyone* any good, even in a drought!

          2. matt Post author

            As I imagine it’s not doing them any favors. It’s been three years since the Waldo Canyon Fire here in Colorado Springs, and I think they still get landslides when it rains heavily.

    1. matt Post author

      Ja! Es freue mich, dass du es magst.

      Danke! Ich denke, dass sie bessere Bilder als ich dachte sein müssen! 🙂


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