Rail Fan In Trinidad, Colorado – BNSF 743 & 6334


BNSF 6334 (a GE ES44AC) leads a unit coal train partnered with BNSF 9117 (an SD70ACe)

Trinidad, Colorado provides an interesting place to get some rail fan photos. The BNSF yard on the north side of town is relatively open, though there are a few visual obstructions (of course).

Pulling a load that appeared to be railroad maintenance equipment, BNSF 743 is the lead DASH 9-44CW of the pair in the consist. The second is BNSF 4417.

The train kindly posed for me in front of Trinidad’s distinguishing landmark, Fishers Peak:


4 thoughts on “Rail Fan In Trinidad, Colorado – BNSF 743 & 6334

  1. Carol Reamy

    Love that bottom picture. Can’t help but wonder if the railroad would like it as well. Love the peak.

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks. I haven’t thought to submit any to BNSF, but it’s something to consider.

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