On The Subject of Nude Photographs

I’ve come to a realization: my pictures on 500px.com will never rank very high. Maybe they are not as good as I think they are. That’s fine. I can live with that. I know some pictures are better than others. I know I’m still learning photography. Good: I never want to know everything about photography. What’s the fun in that?

I suppose it’s no surprise that nude photos seem to be the most popular pictures on 500px.com. No amount of nature’s beauty can compete with naked breasts, or so it seems. It seems to me, a major reason why people get into photography is to take nudes. Once again, fine. Their motivations are their prerogative. I can say nothing against their motivations.

I understand the models volunteer for the photos. I also admire the female form; and I think the female body is inherently artistic. In other words, I’m no prude. But I think the focus on only the female body is in the wrong place. Women have value beyond their physical appearances. To focus on only the appearance cheapens the value of all women.

I do see nature photos on 500px.com that rank highly, and that are really good. So I know other types of photos also are recognized. And I’m not saying my photos should be undeservedly recognized.

I mean no judgement against photographers whose subjects are nudes. Who am I to judge? But I think it’s difficult enough to raise a daughter in this society. There are already sufficient obstacles along the way to a successful marriage or relationship. There is no shortage of enemies against the Family.

I don’t want to make it harder for myself by being disrespectful to my wife and daughter.

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6 thoughts on “On The Subject of Nude Photographs

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  2. Jessica

    Here here! I agree. I’ve always felt funny about nude photography. You’re absolutely right that there’s no shortage of enemies against the Family.

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks for the comment! On the one hand, I get the ‘artistic’ element; but outside of art and in reality… it just seems disrespectful. And I think a lot of guys claim “art” when it’s not really that at all. I’d be interested to hear what you think, if you’d care to share it.

      1. Jessica

        Yeah… It’s a touchy topic for sure. Guys are so visual, so I agree that, as art, nudity walks a fine line. Women are objectified enough as it is without adding to it with nude art.

  3. girlgonelondon

    Great post. I agree with you — on one hand, I can see the artistry and the history of nudes as art. On the other hand, do we really need another place for females to be reduced to objects to be looked at? I’m sure your wife and daughter and other women in your life appreciate your stance!

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks! I’ve been thinking about that post for a while now, and trying to strike the right balance in tone… wasn’t easy. 🙂


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