Power Struggle – BNSF 9321 & BNSF 4124


(Klicken Sie für Deutsch).

The railroad tracks through Colorado Springs is a major artery for coal transport. Most of the trains are transporting coal to power plants. The empty trains go north through the city, and the full ones come south. Mixed freight and intermodal trains make up a minority of the train traffic. Mostly there are coal trains.

If most of the traffic is coal, I also see a lot of wind power equipment. I personally think wind power is relatively unfeasible, but it is interesting to see the equipment on the trains. It’s difficult to get good perspective of the size of the equipment from ground level. The wind turbine blades are long and very impressive.

Whether you get your power from wind or coal, it probably came by train first.

In the rain on the way to work, I saw the flashing signal. I was a little late for work, but I waited anyway. BNSF 9321, an EMD SD70ACe led the train. I like that in the photo, you can see the rain in the headlight of the train.

A pair of GE ES44C4s were the last two locomotives:

On the way home after work, I saw the train with the wind turbine blades. A GE DASH 9-44CW and a GE ES44C4 were the locomotives for this train. I didn’t think I was going to get into a good position for photos, but I did:


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