Random Political Musings

Hillary Clinton: “I don’t have horns
Well, then what’s your excuse? At least demons and devils are born as evil, conniving, despicable, traitorous liars. If you don’t have horns, that means you made the conscious decision to be an evil, conniving, despicable traitorous liar.

It’s The Economy, Stupid
When will government stooges quit messing with the economy. The economy will take care of itself if morons like Tom Wheeler would leave it alone. The blatant overreach and abuse of authority from any government bureaucrat is apparent in some stuffed suit with a vacancy sign between his ears asking private companies to explain themselves when they’re simply offering a service to their customers. These are economic incentives for people to use one service over another. To counter that, the industry doesn’t need oversight. Companies wishing to compete have to offer similar incentives that draw customers. Ignorant politicians and bureaucrats need to keep their meddling fingers out of… well, everything.

Can’t Trust Politicians?
I know that sounds like it comes straight out of the No Shit Sherlock file, and it really does. Apparently, the Sanders Campaign was caging Clinton voter data. It doesn’t really change my opinion of Sanders as a candidate though: I wouldn’t have voted for him before I found this out either.

For all their finger pointing, rhetoric, and buck passing, politicians sure seem united in their efforts to destroy our country.
I don’t rant much about politics anymore; it’s too exhausting. But since I’ve once again quit Facebook, I don’t really have anywhere else to vent.


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