Die Ornamente


Weihnachten kommt.

Ich befolge keine Traditionen für Weihnachten jetzt, aber wann ich einen Junge war, es gab eine Tradition, ich mochte. Jedes Jahr würde meine Großmutter ein Weihnachtsornament uns schicken. Hier sind alle die Ornamente, meine Großmutter mir schickte.

PS: Obwohl ist nicht die Punkt der diese Beitrag, bin ich mir sicher, dass es machen wird, meine Mutter weinen. Es tut mir leid, Mutti. Frohe Weihnachten dir und Pops.

PPS: Ja. Ich bin immer noch wie gut aussehend, wie ich in 1987 war.

Christmas is coming.

I don’t follow many traditions for Christmas now; but when I was a boy, there was a tradition I liked. Every year, my grandmother would send us a Christmas ornament. Here are all the ornaments my grandmother sent me.

PS: Although it’s not the point of this post, I’m sure it will make my mom cry. Sorry, Mom. Merry Christmas to you and Pops.

PPS: Yes, I’m still as handsome as I was in 1987.


2 thoughts on “Die Ornamente

  1. Carol Reamy

    Definitely loved this post. And, yes, I teared up. I so wish Grandma could see this post. Looking at these brings back soooo many memories. I still remember the very first one–she started with you. And I remember almost throwing the rocking horse out with the tree one year (thats when and why I started counting each one year by year when we packed them up. I loved that you posted each one of these one by one. I can almost touch. Love you! and Merry Christmas!!!


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