Die Brandnarbe (teil 1)


Neulich nachmittags sind wir die Nachbarschaft gefahren, wo die Waldo Canyon Feuer in 2012 gebrannt hat. Die Wolken und die Sonne haben zusammen mitgearbeitet, diese Ansicht zu machen. Die verbrannte Bäume haben als Wache gedient. Sie überblicken die Straße, wo das Feuer in die Stadt durchgedrungen hat. Die Ansicht blickt fast, wie das Feuer immer noch brennt. Gemeinsam sind das Licht und Schatten spektakulär.

The other afternoon we drove through the neighborhood where the Waldo Canyon Fire burned in 2012. The clouds and the sun work together to make this view. The burned trees serve as sentinels. They over look the road where the fire penetrated into the city. The view looks almost as if the fire still burns. Together the light and the shadows are spectacular.



2 thoughts on “Die Brandnarbe (teil 1)

  1. Carol Reamy

    WOW. Amazing. Do you still have photos from the first couple of years? You could do a photo journal of reclamation.

    1. matt Post author

      Perhaps. I would have to dig them up. They aren’t so well organized back then. I do know that those photos are good examples of my not knowing what I was doing!


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